You woke up!


I woke up with a grateful heart! Thankful that I’m not the mistakes I may have made yesterday! I’m not consumed by the faults from my past! The guilt of my past does not consume me this morning. I am totally free because my Father has extended new mercy and grace to me!

Some of you  should just shout about the “newness” that God extended to you by waking you up this morning!  You should be grateful  you didn’t die in your sin last night!!
Its “do over” time! Its time to get it right. Its ok to start really is..

“Yet this I call to mind
and therefore I have hope:
Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail.

They are NEW every morning;
great is your faithfulness.
I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion;
therefore I will wait for him.”
Lamentations 3:21-24

God Morning..your newness is here!

Walk in favor today


Voice Activated…

As I read my Bible this morning, I noticed that in Genesis God spoke, it happened! Throughout the time Jesus walked on earth. He spoke and things happened!

Our world is voice activated! Our lives are voice activated! We are voice activated! If you don’t believe it, let somebody say something you don’t like, let your child say something smart, see how quickly you respond!! We are so voice activated, we  see folks whispering, and cant hear and think, “Oh they talking about me” We are sitting in the nail shop and cant understand the language and wonder “Are they talking about me?”

We are voice activated and the enemy knows it. He is always saying something, tempting us. Getting in our minds. He whispers some foolishness, we follow it right up! Why? because its a familiar voice…even though we shouldn’t be listening! We are voice activated, so we respond.

The Holy Spirit speaks too, but a lot of times we don’t recognize its voice, because we don’t spend enough time in its presence! We always say we cant hear God, yet we don’t spend enough time in his presence in order to recognize his voice.

Jesus was voice activated as well! So voice activated, he could truly distinguish between Gods  voice and the voice of satan! When he was tempted, satan tried to get Jesus to turn stones into bread. Why? because he knew he could! He knew that words bring life or death, words move mountains! Satan was trying to get Jesus to use his gift for a self serving purpose. Jesus didn’t do it, although he surely could have . But see he wasn’t moved by the voice of satan! The only voice that moved him was Gods!

Wow, how many of us can say the same? What voice moves you??

You know its funny that we know that there is life and death in the tongue, but so many of us don’t utilize the tongue for life as much as we do death! Many of our own issues, are due to our own mouths! many of our molehills have turned into mountains because of our own mouths!

Even things are voice activated! In Matthew, Jesus cursed the fig tree, IT DIED. In Mark he rebuked the wind and the water, IT STOPPED! In Matthew, He tells us, we can move mountains. Jesus spoke across a lake, when the disciples couldn’t catch fish and they start jumping into the net! Objects hear Gods voice and move, no questions asked, yet some of us wont move or budge an inch when God tells us to!!

The word says we have the power and authority to tread on serpents. The authority lies dormant until we use it! Notice I said WE.  We often need to speak to our own mountains, our own wind, our own water, our own fig trees… You probably put it there..IT KNOWS YOUR VOICE!  Don’t get me wrong, its great to solicit prayers, but some of your mountains, your trees etc are not going to respond to my voice! I can speak over it, yet it may not move until it hears your voice!

Speak to your situation today! What you declare in Gods will, the Holy Spirit will make happen!

Be Blessed




Wait On It…


Last week I visited my mothers gravesite. While there God reminded me of my life as a young girl..the prayer requests I had asked for as a young girl!

The things I prayed for as a teenager! Simple things that babes in Christ often request…

Things that we kneel before God and ask for even before we know how majestic and powerful HE really is!
God then reminded me that EVERY ONE of them had come to pass, they had been answered up until now! He also assured me that he wasn’t done yet because I still have some prayer requests on the wall!!!
My my my…. I started shouting in the cemetery!🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃
This scripture..
For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.
Habakkuk 2:3
Don’t give up!  Dont throw in the towel!

Though it may tary…ITS STILL ON ITS WAY!!!!
Get your shout ready! Its coming!

Be Blessed!




800_800_TRANSYou were born to rule! There  is a King in You!

The words to one of my favorite songs, reminds me constantly, that I am worth every bit of privilege I receive from my Father in heaven!

This week has been a struggle. My emotions have roller coasted. Yet even in the midst of the ups and downs. God still manages to find a way to get to me. I’m grateful that he loves me enough to send a message to me through friends, family or random strangers.

I’ve been through some things in my life. I’m still working out some kinks…

But I’m still in the bloodline of a True and Living King!

Love You

Happy Sunday…












Faith Carriers…


God morning!
Im still hanging out in Genesis this morning, reflecting on Eve.
In spite of her fall to the serpents deception, Eve was still such a remarkable woman of faith! She held onto the golden nugget of the promise of her seed bruising the serpents head! She knew everything would be fixed..restored..She knew she would BE COMING OUT OF the mess that she was in!
She carried that faith like women carry purses! Everywhere she went!
Even after Cain disappointed her..SHE STILL HELD ON, naming her male sons appropriately to her faith..trusting that “Oh Yes God said it..Its coming to pass!”
Do you ever wonder how much time passed before Cain was born? How much more time until Seth was born? How many years she had to walk that faith walk?
You ever wonder if there were any naysayers..her children saying anything crazy like “God promised what ma? You talking about the one who kicked yall out the garden?” 😂😂😂
She didnt even get to see the promise come to pass..but she was a faith carrier that kept it in position!
Whats your stance on your circumstance this morning?
Are you trudging through the wilderness experience like the Israelites..or are you carrying the faith to keep Gods promise in position?
Trusting God that YOURE COMING OUT!

Be Blessed in your Faith Walk!

You’re Next!!



I’ve been slacking on my blogging journey..

I have no clue why. I often think its my desire to write something perfect and pristine for my followers.  I’ve decided to just write! If you’re following me, you are in for a treat. I’m catching up to you this month, by posting the thoughts I’ve shared within my Soul Sisters group over the last couple of days. I’ve been embarking on a cleansing fast. I pray the words bless you

On the first  day of my fast. God dropped a word about Discipline in my spirit.  It really blessed me!
Discipline! God revealed that discipline cannot be forecasted, it must be walked in. It cannot be planned, it must be prompted. At the moment of temptation, it must be summoned through the Holy Spirit, only then can it be put into place!
Discipline is a struggle for all of us…we know what is right, our desire to adhere to it is what we struggle in.
We always try to forecast, what we gone do the next time! How we gone react to stay Godly! We all do it!!!LOL Next time we get angry, next time we get upset, next time ole dude calls us ……..
Lack of discipline stifles the progress BUT NOT THE PURPOSE. You see when God tells you something about your future, its destined to happen! Yet how you get to the appointed destiny is all based on if you follow your own plans or Gods.
Some times we follow our own plans and then get upset when it doesn’t turn our right. We think God has turned his back on us. We get discouraged and give up, cause its taken too long…look back did you veer off course? Perhaps your on the long path instead of the destined one that God had for you. Even folks traveling with you can cause roadbumps and yields! Trying to be backseat and passenger drivers on YOUR journey! You may need to drop some baggage!
The Israelites took 40 years to get to the Promised land, but the purpose never faltered. Some of them made it cause they stuck to Gods plan!
I’m encouraging you to push through the “falling short” The purpose hasn’t faltered!!! So keep pushing…get back on the right path!!!
The Holy Spirit is the guide!

Love you

Be blessed!

As I sit in Silence..


March 1st, I embarked on a 31 Day Fast. I am not on Social Media, enjoying a life of clean eating, along with exercise, limited TV and not doing any type of interaction with friends and only immediate family.  Praying twice daily for clarity on some life decisions and for the answers for others, who sent me prayer requests.

After 9 days, my senses have cleared tremendously, they are more sharpened. I can see beyond distractions and my time has been put to use doing things of value. My long talks with God has been a back and forth negotiation of sorts.  I hear his voice clearly, there is no compromise. Revelations on who and what, I should put my time into starting in April. It has been hard!! He is revealing the truth behind the veil…It is during these times, I can really sense a spiritual shaking in my life. I can hear the spiritual battle taking place between good and evil. My spirit man communicates with God, accepting responsibility for sin and repenting hourly…every second sometimes.  God knows my heart. He knows everything…everything we believe is hidden.

Most evenings I sit in silence, listening to praise and worship music. I am hearing every single word. Applying it to my life…applying it to my life, yes really applying it! Questioning whether I adhere to it or just sing it? Do I rock and raise my hands to the beat or the fact it truly applies to my life?  Does it truly minister to my spirit man, because I am seeking change, guidance or simply something that I have overcome? All these questions came forth in my silence and I had to take an honest look at myself, my life, my circle of friends and my future.

Initially I sought Gods daily answers on what scriptures to study. Every evening, God gave me a Chapter. Its awe inspiring that each one centered on sin in some form. How one mans downfall can affect all who are within reach. How our faith must withstand challenges, pitfalls and be put to major tests. How each point of our lives, each place we are planted is important to our process. I begin to decipher the sin in my own life, the excuses I made and the changes I would need to put in place.

Several days ago, God  pushed me into Revelation…the end times. I believe it is paramount and no coincidence that I have developed a passion for this book. It can be a scary book for many…yet a comfort for those who truly are committed to living for Christ. Revelation will scare the hell of folks…literally!

As I sit in silence, I stare at myself more in the mirror. Wondering if my sin is just as visible on me as it is on others. I’m taking note of each and every  person I come in contact with. I study their face, their eyes, their skin. I smile, they smile back. I can often see the stress, the chaos, the sin in their lives…yes its visible. It manifests itself, whether we attempt to hide it or not. Its not cute to look at on everyone, better yet yourself.

As I sit in silence, I realize that this walk with Christ is not easy, yet its paramount to get it right…not perfect…but right.

Right, requires a renewing of the mindset, right requires a heart transplant, right requires a spiritual death.  Right, requires a decision on our part. Right requires patience. Right requires faith.

However right, brings a multitude of blessings…right brings peace, right brings love, right brings light..right brings clarity.

As I sit in silence, away from every thing and everyone…even some people who I hold dear and near to my heart, I can do nothing but hold on to faith…press through…pray through..listen through…

Because I know Right brings Life

…and I’d rather have that over death any day..

Be Blessed