My new home for ramblings…

2013 is going to bring a new me…I say this every year…but since I’m not getting any youngeafrican_american_wonderwoman_by_anubis2kx-d3bxh9zr, I decided its time I just speak my mind.  I have held alot in other the years. My thoughts on people, poltics, friends, family and relationships are often just kept at bay. at the fear of hurting someone’s feelings.  I think we all are grown now….so it’s time to stop sugar coating the truth and hand it to you straight….no chaser!  Remember the aunt or uncle in your family, who would often say “anything” at anytime? The one who embarrassed you at every opportunity? The one who called a spade a spade and just said it like it was?  Well thats me starting in 2013….Im calling it like it is….some folks are not going to like what I have to say, but Im just keeping it real. I have alot on my mind and if you want to be privy to my rants and ramblings, join my blog. Dont forget to refer other people, because no one will want to miss out!  Im going to be all that I want to be in 2013! A Superwoman of sorts!  Perhaps I can find some planet to rule with an iron fist….or maybe I will just start with the men I meet….

One thought on “My new home for ramblings…

  1. Monique Davis says:

    Sis, I am so ready to read you GO all the way IN on this blog…. Speak female and speak truth let it rip sistAR…Love ya, MO**

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