Another opportunity to get it right…

This last day  of 2012 has me “feeling some kind of377320_10151009216026459_1115946138_n way.” Feeling nostalgic for years past, childhood memories and family gatherings long gone.  I’m embracing the feeling that I am getting older… older yet wiser. While it really wasn’t an did hit me like a brick…in the crown of my head…knocking me unconscious for several seconds!  Our family lost our oldest aunt today, she was 93, spry and full of life. Her death brought a wave of emotions and a circus of behavior from family members…from a young grandson raging and lashing out on facebook…to a granddaughter posting a picture collage with captions of years past.  Unfortunately, this death also fell on the birthday of a dear cousin who I also lost too soon. So never the less, I too went through several stages of grief in only a couple of hours. My emotions pushed me to scream and reprimand my family members, but luckily my heart won, so I simply pulled back and encouraged the importance of family.  I have learned that death and time go hand in hand in all aspects… for we all must die…eventually….and yet only time can bandage the wounds of losing someone.  I have been there, up close and personal…

Death use to be a touchy subject for me, however now I speak openly about it and often poke fun.  I’m no longer afraid to die, I know God , have accepted him and believe there is truly a Heaven.

It still amazes me that even with getting older and losing friends and loved ones, that many of us never take inventory of our own life. We are still holding grudges, harboring bitterness and refusing to speak to family members and loved ones over “stuff” that happened so long ago that we can’t even remember the complete story. We sit around feeling justified in our actions, never fully evaluating our hearts…never taking ownership of where our behaviors will lead us when we enter into that eternal rest.  When our eyes close and death kisses us on the forehead, how many of us are certain where we will end up?  How many know without a shadow of a doubt that we will walk the streets of gold?  Even some so-called Christian folks have me confused! They attend church and quote scriptures , talking like they got it all together, yet they are stumbling and walking backwards….displaying contradictory behaviors and treating people like dirt…

2013 is upon us! Another opportunity to make changes, redirect our focus and check our own hearts and spirits….utilize it well this time! I don’t have to tell you how and what to do…unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know what changes you need to make.

If God allows you to wake up the first day of 2013, he is giving you another opportunity to correct the wrongs of 2012….a clean slate…

I pray we all get it right…because there are some folks that I don’t care to see again… at least not acting the same way…


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