With or without guns…

The recent  tragedy in Newton evoked a Dozens killed in shooting at elementary school in Connecticiutslew of opinions and viewpoints on gun control. Just like many other tragedies before this one, it was a horrific turn of events! The senseless killing of small innocent children and individuals by a mentally unstable gun-toting maniac, painted a gruesome picture!

Many individuals asked the poignant question “Why did his mother have assault rifles in the home when she knew her son was unstable?”  Some people blamed her for ‘not knowing better.’

I guess that’s the case for all of us…”knowing better.” It seems we have ALL fallen short on that one at one time or another. It often takes a mass killing to remind us of others shortcomings, however we fail to see our own everyday lives in the same light. Although, we will never know for sure, it seems that Adam Lanza suffered from several mental disorders…some undiagnosed.  Just maybe there is another issue to examine…that of mental health care. It seems that mass shootings generate coverage, yet failed mental health care does not!

As far as Ms Lanza? Who knows why she stockpiled weapons? The media stated that she was a gun enthusiast, and for me that answer was enough.  I know many folks who collect items that I definitely would think twice about buying.  Avid sword collectors, knife enthusiasts and people with a love for pit bulls don’t worry about the dangers of having these objects in their home. I once knew a military guy who collected pythons in base housing….against military rules.  He even insisted they were harmless, when one got lost in the couch for a week!  I can only imagine the horror of the many individuals who sat on that paisley print loveseat throughout that time. Throughout my military career, I have noticed that people collect different things…ALOT of different things. Heck some of us regular folks have 300 pairs of shoes, yet we believe we are justified because ….we like shoes.   Who am I to judge someone’s hobbies?

And yes some of us have some mentally unstable folks in our own homes. Many who have been treated by Mental Health Professionals and some who have not!  Yet we know in our hearts that something ‘aint quite right’ with them!  Yeah you know they’re suspect….a little off the rocker…crazy!  They live with us or they often visit regularly and they come to our home where our registered guns are…along with our kitchen knives, our hammers…well you get the jest.  So do you think you should get rid of any and all potential weapons in your home?

Ms Larza loved her son and trusted the system that told her that he was ok…obviously ok enough to stay at her home, in her care …without being locked in a room or kept away from all potential weapons.

It’s amazing how after a tragedy takes place, we want to place blame on folks who are often acting and behaving the same way we are.  Yes we definitely do need to take a look at our gun control laws. We must do a better screening of individuals who are registered users, yet that still leaves the other folks…the ones  who are able to buy guns off the street.  This also still leaves the knife toting, sword carrying people who don’t need a gun to destroy innocent lives!

It seems we are missing something, not only in Connecticut but everywhere.! So therefore, with or without guns… we still have a problem.

Peace, Love & Empowerment


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4 thoughts on “With or without guns…

  1. Anita says:

    Wow…love this post!! You hit on so many points. Gun control doesnt mean gun eradication, there has to be a better way to screen potential owners and regulate those high capacity ammo magazines. The NRA seems to have people on lock for real, most politicians dont even wanna touch the issue, they’d rather blame music, culture, video games, etc. I saw an article about a school district in TX that is considering training and arming the school custodians!!
    Anita W.

    • suellfamily says:

      Wow…there is a better way…it just takes more work and we know that too many want the easy fix…thanks for reading and commenting Anita!! Your support is awesome lady!

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