Making things fit…

So as January comes to 63751_300687083367649_308403075_na close, I am thinking about the remainder of the year and what it holds for me. January has been a little rough, I have lost more than I have found within these first 31 days of the year.  Although I have gained a new sense of independence and a new attitude on life, I have lost some “love.” Friends and family that were dear to me have transisitioned…..and even some people who I was vaguely familiar with, have departed this life.  It puts the years into perspective for me. The time I have spent doing what I love compared to what I felt compelled to do. After weighing the pros and cons, I have realized the vast majority of my life was spent enjoying a laugh or two, taking chances and living life to the fullest.  My desire is that I continue to breathe joy into every moment that awaits me in 2013. I want to leave a legacy of “feel good” to people who knew me. I pray that each time they think of me, they think of something that I did or said that made their life just a little more enjoyable

This past weekend, I was privileged to help women write the vision and make it plain. We came together and did a “vision board.” It was a fun, inspirational time of putting our goals into a  collage of pictures and quotes that would remind us daily of what we want to accomplish for the year. The laughter amidst like-minded sisters was awesome! The spirit of accomplishment was evident as each picture, quote and tiny star was glued and pressed into place…sort of like our lives. Yet their determination to move pictures around and rearrange things to fit, was something that we do not do.  We don’t spend a lot of time making things of importance fit.  You see too often, we don’t rearrange our time or schedule to accommodate what we really want to accomplish! We go through life doing what we feel forced or compelled to complete, the unimportant stuff that becomes our priority.  We  let life make us and yet we neglect to make a life.  Settled into complacency and going through a set mundane rut… i.e daily jobs, taking care of family and the rest.  Wouldnt it be awesome, if we looked at each day like a vision board, making sure that each activity or event we really want to accomplish is inserted….somewhere?

As January takes its final lap, I challenge you to do something you have never done before this year! Rearrange some things! Make the important things fit, the moments that will make  life special. Dream more, dance harder and laugh a lot!

Each sunset is one day closer to our eternal destiny….and I want to arrive at mine sliding down a sliding board, with a drink in hand shouting “WOOOOOHOOOO!! IM HOME!”

Peace, Love & Empowerment!


7 thoughts on “Making things fit…

  1. saleena1 says:

    I love the blog and concur with the words of wisdom in this post. Thanks for the challenge to do something I’ve never done before! Sometimes life seems like a “blah”, and I wonder when my season of unbelievable living will begin; a time when I’ll pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming.

    • suellfamily says:

      Thank you Saleena….sooner than you think…in actuality you are ahead of many! You dont even have to pinch yourself! Woo hoo, its here!! Thank you for your encouragement!

  2. Princess Leena says:

    I love the blog and I concur with the words of wisdom in this post. Thanks for giving me the challenge to do something I’ve never done before. Sometimes life seem like a “blah” as I wonder when my time of “unbelievable living will begin. I wait for the moment that I pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming

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