403202_208364142593040_1759188171_nI’m still celebrating my history as a woman this month…how about you?  It’s not often we are simply celebrated for being a female.. So I’m laying down the pots, pans, brooms, hair combs and my cell to post another piece from my book “I Speak Female Poetically” A piece I wrote in celebration of this month two years back…entitled HERstory.

If you haven’t done so already, give chase to the wind, take a trip, write a book, make a cake, get married…before the month is out!!

After that… us women will still be extraordinary…we’ll just have to pinch people to make them say so!

Peace, Love & Empowerment





Ain’t filled with prince charming

Homes with picket fences or Barbie doll fashioned dreams

Not equated to million dollar yachts and surgery induced beauty

Not comprised of sweet lullabies

Serenades from gift bearing lovers

Shoulder length, free-flowing gowns

Crystal laced ear lobes and wrist trinkets


HERstory don’t smile back in the mirror, it just smirks

Smirks and peers back at her like a small angry child

With a constant gaze of disapproval

Waiting on her next move



Simply be a nine to 5 rut, day in day out, mundane

Heart rearing burden of being ordinary

Sleepless, trouble filled, worry laced

Often unfair, confusion riddled gurney wrought weight

Knee scrapped, prayer pushing, toil and troubled heart

Hums, moans and silent screams

Which don’t often bring relief


HERstory be about the here and now

It don’t have no plans

No dreams, hopes or desires

No plans for the future

Cause right now


HERstory can’t seem to rid itself of the past



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