Love Deciphered…

My first novel will be released on April 17th!  I’m excited, yet305976_10151832034564638_1936313678_n anxious!  You see I’m a poetry gal and although writing comes easy, I am anxious to see the thoughts and reviews on my attempt to bring a whole story to life.

“What You Wont Do For Love” has been a looooong time coming. This novel has been hanging around for ten years. It has been reworked, renamed and remade. Nine years of a long intense pregnancy that was pushed along by many close friends and family members, also my  dear brother who stood alongside my birthing bed waiting patiently for it to be released!

This book is a classic tale of love and relationships , involving several women and men who go through a wide arena of emotions and behaviors. It’s sprinkled with a little bit of everything!  Real life experiences dealing with real world issues. Tracey, Natalie, Monica, Ari and Jacki are some real characters and will truly remind you of someone you know…if not yourself!  Trey Styles?  Well you will just have to read the book to find out about him.

I must also let individuals know that this book details the good and the bad about life, there are behaviors and language that is not all becoming, however real life is not all becoming!  So if you have forgotten what it was like before you arrived or got saved, then this book is not for you. It will quickly remind you that we are all still a work in progress.

The humor in the book is untouchable, however, in the midst of the humor, I also look at  some of the serious sides of relationships and family dynamics. Issues such as domestic violence, drug addictions and alcohol abuse are deciphered as well.

As far as the characters…yes they are a mixture of people I really know! They are also from my own experiences. I will leave it up to you to figure out which is which..

The book has the awesome artwork of Mark Givens Sr on the cover. Mark is a dear Air Force friend whose artwork is beyond  fabulous. The women on the cover are a collage of beautiful female friends he has painted over the years. The design of the cover belongs to my ever talented daughter, Kayla Suell, whose patience has been unwavering in regards to my requests! The song selections within the book are from my son, the silent audio engineer behind my thoughts. I am so grateful and blessed to have their support!

Please support my endeavors and buy a copy of the book when it is released. You can get an autographed copy from my website or purchase  it via Amazon.

Part II of this book is already in the works, the characters are so lovable you will definitely want to know the rest of the story!

I  have several scheduled book signings if you are in the Columbia SC area…

Voorhees College, April 18

SC Book Festival, Columbia Metropolitan Center, May 18-19

I will also start a military base tour in July, I will keep readers posted  of my stops via my website and this blog.

I can’t wait to read your thoughts, suggestions and reviews on “What You Wont Do For Love” Send them to me at   or you can post them here…

Thank you for sharing my journey as I attempt to decipher love…it’s been one whirlwind of a puzzle!

Peace, Love & Empowerment


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