Sista, I’m keeping my eye on you…

393131_517229678317761_1809405590_nI lost a little of my sparkle this week. It was snatched away by a label, an inaccurate opinion, an untrue accusation that caused me to reevaluate my inner circle. Something we must do at least once a month, if we want to maintain our sanity!  It took a minute for me to bounce back, but I did…stronger than ever!

Men tend to argue, cuss at each other and still remain “boys,” but women…well I have honestly exhausted all means of trying to understand what makes women do and say the things we do! Our hormones are winning and its time we took back the lead, because they are making us do and say things that have us looking hopelessly desperate for attention and utterly foolish! We have to do better!  Men have the upper hand on us when it comes to genuine friendship and Lord knows we can’t let them have any bragging rights!

The constant comparison trap we find ourselves in, is destroying us as a sisterhood! Our inability to be happy for or edify our fellow sister only shows the lack in ourselves!  There is truly enough happiness and joy out there for everyone. Some of us are just quicker on the draw than others, but that doesn’t keep you from getting your fair share of the pie.

We are all beautiful in our own way…our own style makes each of us unique. Truly what we do  lack, our fellow sister is sure to bring to the table. Don’t throw your coat over the chair when she enters the room!

Many women throw around the “sister” title at a whim, smiling in your face…”keeping it real” as many like to add. When in essence they are backstabbing you at every opportunity.   Harboring ill will simply because…

I don’t try to figure out why women talk about, gossip, hate, spread rumours, lies or even neglect to call or keep in touch with their so called “sisters.” I just chalk it up to our mood swings.  Perhaps some women think, a genuine compliment will distract from their own personality or beauty…

I’ve come a long way from caring about what other’s say or feel about me, however I still reflect when it happens.  I have garnered an attitude of keeping it moving….it helps when I feel the need to reach back in my past!

So I urge you to do your part to keep the word “sister” legit this month! Give a fellow sister a compliment this week! Support her business…buy her jewelry…read her book…promote her brand. Tell her she is beautiful and her make up is flawless and when you do, whip out your compact and check your appearance. I bet it didn’t detract from YOUR beauty at all!

Its time we stop using the term “sister” so loosely and really mean it when we  say it…some of us can tell the difference!

Peace, Love & Empowerment


P.S. Oh yeah here’s a poem…

 Cheap Talk

I hear you chirping,



Comparing your life to mine

Hanging outside my house

Propped up on a branch of inadequacy


Coming by daily

Peeking in my window

Taking notes on my life

Sending signals to the other birds

Who join you only on sunny days

Won’t be too long before they fly away

Leave you sitting in the rain

Then you’ll be seeking my companionship

Tapping on my windowpane

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