Tongue Issues….

Anything that is a huge success…is birthed out of intense struggle!

This quote cmouthaught my attention on the infamous Facebook news feed and I copied and pasted it, because it was so fitting for  the day. It seemed like every last one of my Facebook friends were having an off day! Whining and complaining about life, love and everything in between. I wanted to do some of my infamous “shout outs” to ease the tension, but for some reason even that didn’t seem to be a good idea. Every time I log on to Facebook, I am amazed at all the sob stories….and even more distraught at the christian folks who never seem to have a good day.  No wonder the rest of the world says “Getting saved??? No I’ll pass!”

It’s amazing to watch christian folks speak death over their lives and wonder why they are not accomplishing much!   It seems that for many, all those Sunday morning sermons only last through Sunday evening, because by Monday morning folks are back to cussing out their family, crying about their job and whining about something gone amiss in their world. I think christian grumbling ranks up there with religious idiotocracy with me. Religious idiotcracy were those  folks my grandmother deemed so heavenly minded  and no earthly good.  I’m beginning to think that living life and living it more abundantly is over rated to some! It’s hard to live when you are just sitting there, crying with your thumb stuck in your mouth!

Life and Death is truly in the tongue and once many of us apply this statement, we can begin to live life more abundantly. In order to walk in success, you have to act like you have already arrived! Accomplishments are not born from negativity, they are birthed from a positive mindset and a desire to do better! Perhaps all that scripture that  the “good reverend” preaches about does actually work…if you just apply it!  Stop complaining and start living…apply some faith to the open sore and watch it heal without even a scar. Invest in your future by walking in the words that God has promised! We don’t have to think about…it’s already done!

Life is so short and waaaaaaayyyyy to precious to live it complaining about the blessings that you already have.  The job, the family, the house, the car….imagine your life without it and I’m sure you can find one thing to be thankful about!  I have learned that you definitely have to jump IN the water to enjoy it wholeheartedly! Bridle the tongue and speak a little life over your circumstance and your situation. Dont let your life rule you, grab and ride it like a bull! Yes, you may get thrown off occasionally, but rub it where it hurts and saddle up again!

I love every moment of my life…whether good or bad. I’m grateful that God is in control and its only a matter of time before  he shifts the atmosphere  in my favor!  I’m never shocked at the enemy’s tactics, If I wasn’t a threat, he wouldn’t have his eye on me.

I try not to grumble or complain, because it seems to make the process slower and to be honest, it truly does not make it any easier!

I vaguely remember some folks  grumbling and complaining about everything under the sun! Seems they got stuck in the desert for forty years! That’s a long time to walk in a circle…AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

Until next time, speak it, believe it and achieve it!

Peace, Love & Empowerment


5 thoughts on “Tongue Issues….

  1. Wilhelmenia Mathias says:

    Dear V;
    Absolutely loved your comments. After reading your blog, several thoughts came to my mind. Basically it boiled down to “Truth vs. Faith vs. Trust”! The Truth of the matter is that God is consistant, faithful, loving, marvelous, understanding, miraculous, mysterious, powerful, forgiving, the light, the truth, the only way, awesome, and He’s always on time!
    Faith is trusting that He will never leave us nor forsake us, standing firm on that belief and knowing that He will never lead you to it and not carry you through it, knowing that He has given us everything we need to weather the storm, and believing that we don’t have to see to believe it!
    Trust on the other hand is having the faith that He will show up and show out! Trust is truth! T is for truth, R is royal, sovereign and magnificent God, U is for unrelentless and unwavering, S is for Savior (He died for us), Son of God, and T is for throne, testimony, transgression and tongue! There is power in the tongue! According to Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue! Be careful what you speak over yourself, your children, your family friends and others! God has laid out what we should do and what we should say. Believe Him!
    Have Faith in Him! Trust Him! He is the Truth & the Light!
    God is still on the throne!

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