Locked Love…

I am now a blogger for the Columbia, Irmo and UpState Patch! This is just one of the many blogs that I am doing in celebration of the beautiful scenery in the area. Please enjoy and post your thoughts!

I often awake at 5am to jog at the Lake Murray Dam in Lexington SC. Its a beautiful time of solace, just me, God and the shimmer of the lake’s ripples. Early before sunrise, the coolness of the day emits a surge through my body, which is beneficial in pushing my legs across the dam.  Much to my surprise, there are many others awake and alert at that time. Some are battling their exercise routine like myself, running in rhythm, jogging haphazardly and many choose to walk with their music in tow.

Every once in a while, I spot a couple whose quest is only to find a moment of silence, unrequited familiarity in the comfort of each others hand holding, whispers and eye gazes.  This morning, several couples were on that journey. I passed them as I jogged and they bid me good morning.

As I slowed down to walk across the bridge before my return home, I noticed the locks hung on the gates. Too many to name a definite number. Each one holding a message of love… It was interesting that although I have jogged this dam for a couple of years, the locks seemed to have increased over the past two months. Perhaps love is fleeting, or maybe it is becoming more paramount to attach a symbol to the burning desire within our heart.

I stopped to read several of them, thinking about the messengers. I wondered what part of the love journey they were on when they decided to leave a symbol of love locked to the Lake Murray Dam.

Some were simple hearts with names centered, while others were filled with messages, some of hope, several of despair. “I Love You’s” were intertwined with “Why’s?”  Many were messages to future loves. Questions unanswered, decisions still to be made…

All a part of the “Love” that we all go through, different stages, different places, different people, each moment seems like an eternity as we stand there.

I then realized that it really didn’t matter what part of the love journey they were on….only that they made the decision to solidify the moment, realize the change, recognize the reality and walk away….

Peace, Love & Empowerment



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