I’m Breaking The Silence…all month

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month…a month near and dear to my heart…Ovarian-Cancer-Header

Ovarian cancer is one of the five leading causes of cancer death in American women. Ovarian cancer occurs in approximately one in 72 women. Each year, over 20,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and about 15,000 women die.

Both my Grandmother and Mother lost their battle to this deadly disease, so I dedicate my time to promoting awareness during this month. There was time when I adamantly and publicly promoted all year, however it drained me. I think of both of them daily and talking about them…only added to my distress.

This month I will post information, updates and poetry in celebration of the two women who taught me everything I know. I hope it educates someone on the importance of taking care of themselves and also loving the ones you hold dear, while they are still here…although it can be done, its hard to love a memory.

. Enjoy “Wishes,” the first piece I wrote in dedication to my Mother. Please interact, post, share your thoughts and stories…it will make my journey  a little easier this month….


Sometimes I wish I could kiss the sky

Leaving traces of my favorite color lipstick, honey blonde, burnt auburn or bronze

Careful not to smear

I want to slide down the curve of the moon

Holding the hand of Venus and Mars

Taste the Milky Way and play hide and go seek with the stars

Sleep in the craters of the sun

Wake to the tune of the wind as it dances across the sky

Bow to the big dipper and play “Mother May I” with the galaxy

Asking permission to partake of its pleasures

Perhaps me and Mother Nature can drink tea and reminisce on days gone by

She can share her beauty secrets and I can give her pointers on life

We can play dodge ball with Saturn or engage in a game of spades

I can show her pictures of my kids and she can teach me how to turn the leaves brown, make the flowers grow

I may even bargain for snow

I want to dance to the drums of the thunder and lull discretely with the rain

Sending beautiful rainbow drops of water to kiss earth’s windowpanes

If time permits I just might knock on Heaven and ask God if I can see my mother

Perhaps if I’m lucky, she will answer the door

Peace, Love & Empowerment


3 thoughts on “I’m Breaking The Silence…all month

  1. Uncle Hank says:

    “I’d like to go and watch, as all your wishes come true.Be nice to see the door where my sister comes through. Long for the day when I can talk with her, again too”

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