Its not about perfection….

64859_501915119885450_1662118867_nLife can be mega complicated at times. Decisions have to be made daily and to be honest just like many others. I often don’t know what to do!. 
I constantly have to keep myself “reminded” about what I said I was going to do. I remind myself to stay on track,  be consistent with my values and standards. Don’t conform, don’t get upset, don’t ……don’t…..

I slip up, but I work hard to get back on track. Despite the wisdom and knowledge to know what is wrong, it’s not easy to stay consistent. It’s not easy to “fight the good fight.” To live up to your standards, to stay focused…
Sometimes the judgment kicks in and we want to kick ourselves because we messed up!

We start to get down on ourselves and think “we jacked that up, didn’t we?!”

But I have learned that taking ownership of my faults, correcting them and moving on is all I need to do to start a fresh!

I have learned that on some level, we are all hypocrites, and that  thing call “judgment” can eat you alive if you let it. If you allow others to judge you you’re also allowing yourself to judge yourself. If you’re staying in a constant state of “judgment”, how are you ever truly going to change?
Allow your decisions to push you higher!  It’s impossible to have it all together all the time, I don’t know anyone who does.

The best thing to do is always be in a position to benefit! Be able to receive new information and commit to applying it in your life. It’s not about perfection….its about growth towards a better you!

 STOP fighting fears and START living more LIBERATED.

Peace, Love & Empowerment


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