There’s an infection festering…

So I’m back on my “soapbox” of sorts…but if you really know me, YOU KNOW I never really get off the box, so here it is…1385812_544709578937958_1285207439_n

There seems to be a lot of “church hurt” going around and I am still trying to understand how and why it is often ignored. It amazes me how quick church members that deem themselves to be a family, become a cult when others do not support or agree with what is happening within the four walls of their home. You will find that many of these leaders and church members ostracize those who chose to voice a different opinion or those who may opt to leave.

Leaders and  church members must stop throwing band aids on “church hurt” not understanding there could possibly be an infection festering underneath! There is a reason for everything!  We must stop telling individuals to “pray on it” and think that a few scriptures of harboring bitterness will cause them to turn the other cheek and walk away with a cheerful heart!

It’s not that easy and people should not feel guilty because they can’t “get over it” as quickly as you can.  We have to remember we are not all on the same level spiritually and ignoring legitimate hurt  and providing a scripture is NOT going to make it better….neither is it “What Jesus would do!”  Even after our talks, things should change. We must do better in “fixing” issues that are causing grief within our churches. I understand that NO ONE is perfect! However, allowing leaders and church folks to run rampant, doing and saying what they want, because of their position or due to their “history” within the church or with the Pastor is wrong….and wrong is wrong…PERIOD!

It’s time we stop sitting in the pews coloring, sucking peppermints and ACTING like we don’t see blatant issues like racism,  misery and ugliness sprouting up within the sanctuary. Harboring the mentality of “I just come get the  word and go back home,”  ignoring the devils WITHIN the church walls.   Really?  Truly being a disciple, and  “going into the world preaching the Gospel” requires more than that!   I’m so glad that God or his Disciples  did not have that  “It aint my problem” mentality. Holiness is a lifestyle…its time we stop playing church on Sunday and BE the church all week!

We must do better…the church is becoming obsolete. Folks are running from temples and institutions because of distrust, falseness and “church hurt.” Leaders and members are not being held accountable for their wrongdoings and folks DO notice.. Outreach has become a very important tool in this day and age, because people ARE forsaking “the coming together.”   They are taking notes on how we, as saved folks, treat each other and our behavior… and some folks are failing miserably.  We are representing Christ and it’s time we take it seriously! I’m grateful that my own “run” steered me towards a church that embraces Christ first and genuinely, no filters….more of him and less of me and everybody else!  (yes, this is MY church plug, email me to get connected 🙂

For those of you who have been hurt, remember the “church” is in you! Your personal relationship with God is all that matters. Once you get that solidified and in your mind, you will not be dependent on man’s four walls of religion to make or break you spiritually. Your walk will become more faith filled, and “mans idiosyncrasies” will not phase you or limit your walk with God.

Your ability to see past the mess and press towards the mark will keep you in the race and WINNING will always be your testimony!

Unfortunately, your ability to sit down and color won’t become any easier… and hence the soapbox remains your platform.

Let the doors of the church open…

Peace, Love & Empowerment


6 thoughts on “There’s an infection festering…

  1. GiGi says:

    AMEN AMEN and AMEN! I left my previous church because of this”infection”… A few of the members, especially one in particular, was threatened by my color, my leadership skills and my talents… It seemed no matter what I said or did, she had to go against me and because she had been with the church for so long, others would follow in her stead (although when she was not around they acted completely different). Other members, when the problem was addressed, would just say things like, “That’s just her and the way she is,” and tell me to pay her no attention… But it got to the point where she had begun “blocking” my praise for God, making changes to try and decrease my responsibilities… I would speak to her every Sunday, and at first she spoke back… But then she began ignoring me and others would laugh at her attitude as though it were funny… And still others would roll their eyes about it…. But no one would do anything about it, including the pastor!

    Why would I want to go to a church where this unchristian-like behavior was tolerated? Just because her family gives a lot of money to the church and they are afraid she will leave? Why is money more important than true spirituality? She was the youth director and this is the behavior she was teaching those young people!!!

    My last straw was a trip the church made in which a few of the youth had been found smoking weed and it was discovered they bought it from another one of the kids… Then when the pastor tried to hold her accountable as the youth director she threatened to leave… So then they coddled her and apologized and then it was business as usual!!!

    People should be held accountable for their actions no matter how long they have been with a church and no matter how much money they give!!! God must have been doing the same thing I was… Shaking His head wondering what was going on in His temple!!!

    You said it right sis and if I lived over there I would gladly visit your sanctuary… I love you and thanks for venting and thanks for letting me vent! Lol

  2. Queen It Shall Be says:

    I couldn’t agree more! So many people get put off by the way people within church allow their opinions to be turned into man made laws unwritten. It’s hard for those fighting within themselves to stand up and fight against what seems like an entire congregation. And you’re right, the “church” is within you. If you meditate and really listen to the voice speaking to your soul, it will help. Thanks so much for writing and posting this.

  3. TribalRaine says:

    Preach!!!! I know alot of folks who fit the description and will deny it with their dying breath! Folk who will tell you “The door to the church is open” …all wjile mumbling under their breath how “we don’t want THEIR kind up in here”! Guess what?? You don’t own what’s up in here- The Good Lord above does! Be careful of the stones you throw cuz they might just come back around and knock YOU down!!!

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