Legacy…”31 Days of Estrogen”

31 Days of Estrogen” begins with a reminder from a long time friend and coworker. She reminds us that our Legacy must be embraced…regardless.
A picture of her and her grandmother “Gracie” is a poignant reminder of how beautiful our lineage truly is!
Thank you “Yolo” for lending your voice this month!
What is your Legacy….
Where are you going little girl?
stop and tell me about the women you came from
strong women of all shades
don’t get it twisted
you are more than just you
YOU represent those who came before you and those who will follow after you
so little girl where did you come from and where are you going?
Legacy requires your attention… until you embrace it, you will never truly evolve. Everyone’s legacy is not the same BUT good or bad you can never reach your true potential until you embrace it.  I know some of us think “Hey I come from a drug addict Mom” or an Abusive Grandma”…doesn’t matter, it is still your legacy. It doesn’t require you to be like them, it simply means that once you embrace who they are or were, then you will grow.  We must be careful… if we don’t learn,  the very thing we hate… we become….
Perhaps you may say, my Mom was the most loving caring woman, one  who sacrificed her entire life for me. Truly you must embrace those attributes and grow from them. Once again you might not be like her…. you may not be able to sacrifice everything and STILL be a loving caring Mother.   In the Bible, God tells HIS people “Move NOT the ancient markers.” You will never know where you are going until you acknowledge and embrace where you came from.  Running just makes you tired….dealing with it get’s you through.  So Good,  Bad,  Glorious, Hideous…your Legacy is your Legacy!  Every day, you are creating a Legacy for those who will come after you. What will they say about the testimony of your life? “Good, Bad, Glorious or Hideous” …now is the time to step up and write your story.
So I ask you this question, “Little Girl where did you come from and where are you going?”
~Yolanda Owen-Smalls~
“Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.”

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