Miracles….”31 Days of Estrogen”

SANY0092“31 Days of Estrogen” continues with a celebration by my sister Colette Jones. She shares a personal tribute to her son. Reminding us that God always has a perfect plan.

Thank you for lending your voice!

This poem is a very personal tribute to my son, Devin Dean, Jr. He was born with arthrogryposis. His condition was not detected during pregnancy. At the time of his birth, I was married.  We already had two daughters, so his father and I mutually decided that DJ would be our last child.  I was ecstatic about the fact  we had finally produced a son! I was not prepared for the painful  hushed silence in  the operating room as DJ announced his presence into the world.  I can remember the moment as if it occurred yesterday. I can feel the chill in the air as the nurses responded to my request to place another blanket over my arms to fight off the cold. I can vividly recall the excitement in his father’s eyes as he eagerly awaited to make an introduction to our son.

The nurse leaned into my ear and tried to gently explain to me and his father their initial assessment of his condition. His father was near the sink, being assisted in cleaning DJ after delivery. I immediately became afraid when I noticed the tears in the eyes of the other nurses, as they fought to keep their emotions in check. The doctor took over from the nurse who originally started the conversation. I had never even heard of the word arthrogryposis! At first, I felt a sense of dread as the doctor did his best to allay our fears with stories of “successful cases” of individuals who had various forms of DJ’s condition. Then I heard a voice that echoed in my spirit: ” Colette, DJ will be fine.” So with tears streaming down my face, I asked if DJ was missing any body parts. I was informed that outside of his upper mobility issues, he was healthy.  I asked them to perform the tuballigation. The doctor then looked at the nurse standing next to my head and nodded. She said, ” Mrs. Dean, are you sure? You may want to try again in the future for another child.”  I instinctively knew she meant “normal” child.  Asking God for strength to state what He placed on my heart to say, I said in a choked voice to all assembled in the room, “The God I serve has taken care of me throughout my pregnancy. He blessed me with this miracle and I know that He will continue to watch out for him.”

DJ and I have faced many obstacles since the day he was born, July 28, 2001. It has not been easy and with each day, I am often presented with other challenges yet to be tackled.  Yet, just as I claimed in 2001, God has never ceased to provide, protect and prove Himself to all who do not believe that God is real. He is in the healing business and He is here to stay in DJ’s life!

~Colette Jones~


Contained within the walls of my lyrics chronicles

My testimony for those who do not believe in miracles

God touched my womb

Long after I humanly assumed

I was finished

With children, He replenished

My spirit by infusing me with His power

Eventually it would allow me to tower

Over pessimism

Injecting optimism

While preparing me for His gift

God commenced to seal my spiritual rift

The day my blessing was born

My heart was torn

Because I was immediately told

Things that would make a mother’s blood run cold

Yet God tapped me on my shoulder

In the midst of my tears, He asked me why if I believe did I pick up this boulder

Reaching down to tap into my holy reserves of His strength

I felt His warmth as it enveloped my length

Per His instructions, I committed to fast

My prayers initiated the understanding it’s my faith that would help DJ get past

Natural challenges that many of us take for granted

God implanted

Hope, determination and ambition

Uprooting the choking weeds of despair, helplessness and apathy because of his condition

On my knees, I carefully monitored His seeds with love and maternal toil

With my clasped hands, I restored weak dirt with angelic soil

Youthful blossoms of crawling and walking began to sprout

Small flowers of talking and hugging spread throughout

My garden of kissing and sleeping

As petals of DJ’s sweet fragrance drifts on a daily basis

Scented phrases of Mommy floated in the air from “slow” chases

With his tricycle in the front yard

Proudly displays his name that he wrote on a construction paper card

Karate chops and jumps “from the top rope” of the living room couch

DJ’s lips that tremble in his attempts to be strong as he shows me his “ouch”

From DJ’s special move as he hears his favorite song or when I catch him in my room getting ready to plunder

Every day, I have learned to appreciate what some may describe as a wonder

You may call him a phenomenon, a marvel or an awesome occurring incident

However to me, my son, a daily miracle, will always be heaven-sent



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