The time I’ve spent…

10494874_10153000588244638_4172461991523438037_nI’m sitting in the mountains of Colorado evaluating my life and everything that encompasses me.  The scenic view and fresh air has clarified some things for me. It has given me a refreshed perspective on what I truly want to be remembered for when my time is completed upon God’s beautiful earth.  I have always been a scenic girl, an outdoors lover… I seem to think better when there are no humans to distract my thinking.

Although I promise to constantly blog…that too has become more of a nuisance than a purpose.  I love to write for me, so therefore I must be considered selfish with my craft. I really don’t care…I guess I am simply in that place of not caring anymore. No I’m not depressed…just enlightened. Over the course of the past two years, I have garnered a truth about relationships, rather family or friends. I’ve learned something that my Mother always shared with me….”Folks are not always genuine.”

I have become extremely happy with being alone…writing just for me. It keeps me from facing the disappointments that others bring my way. It also keeps me from trying to figure out why people behave and say the things they do.  So therefore, I shake my head and keep it moving. I’m not upset when I am not privy to the shenanigans of folks…I actually count it a privilege. I’ve found the only person whom I must give an account to….loves me regardless.  I thank God he calls me friend, no strings attached, no disappointments…no hidden agendas…

So here I sit, time well spent…thanking God for clarity…

So you ask, ‘What is the purpose of these ramblings?” It’s a simple  answer

Do the best way possible..

Peace, Love & Empowerment



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