Keep riding…

I lost an extricate piece of ff0b5c114ae6abb354a37fe4531c3237my heart in March  of this year. My Aunt Robyn gained her wings and sailed away to be with her Mother, Sister, Aunt and a host of other family and loved ones. Her journey here on earth was not easy. She battled with arthritis and other neurological conditions that slowly impeded her movement, but not her spirit!  She lived life, unlike many others…full of an abundance of love for living and her family. Each day was spent thanking God for every second she was still breathing!

Our long talks on love, relationships and family would last all night. Our laughter was insurmountable and her tenacity unsurpassed. Her favorite saying when the pain became unbearable was “Steph Im gone be alright, Im not going anywhere until God calls me home. Until then Im gone ride this until the wheels fall off!”

Although, my grief is still fresh. Im grateful she is no longer confined to a bed, a room, a view. Im thankful she is free…literally.

I’m thankful I still have her voice to hold on to. Im grateful I still have her example to remind me that life does not always hand you want you want. Yet somehow we must make do with what we are given. The crosses we must bear are often unbearable, yet when and if we look back, we will see how well we carried them. How many days, we had help and how often we sat down, yet continued to get back up and continue! There is beauty in every path we take…there is definitely lessons yet to be learned and there is always someone taking notes.

I’m reminded that God is not a “respecter of persons”, simply meaning that no one is  immune from hardships, tribulation and grief. Its all in our perception and how well we choose to ride the journey of life.

Me? I’m determined to find joy in every moment and live each hour like its my last. Some days I struggle, but I’m determined to ride this one out….

I know my next stop will be paradise!

Peace, Love & Empowerment


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