black_and_white_eyes_art_beautiful_cute_drawing-a5b0899f63bd1ae4319e202f155f4377_hWords left unspoken

Only gave you a token of my love~ Miki Howard


His eyes spoke to me from across the room.

Filled with anticipation, they beckoned me and soon I answered.

He winked, I smiled.

He winked and then I laughed aloud.

This brother must think he truly got it going on?

The lights were dim and the aura was strong and the DJ was jamming my favorite song.

Keith Sweat serenaded my heart, stringing me along….and this guy just kept winking.

I slowly walked over and shyly smiled, I guess I will make the first move.

I asked sweetly, “Were you beckoning me?”

He looked at me a little confused. I noticed his dimples and thought to myself, boy this chocolate brother is too fly.

He laughed aloud and finally said, “Okay, I cannot tell a lie, your beauty is something a man can’t ignore. Your body, like a diamond it shines. Your eyes are like rubies, they open your soul, and now that I know what’s inside, I am truly enchanted, he sighed.

Because I really wasn’t trying to pick you up, there was just something in my eye.”

Peace, Love & Empowerment


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