One Virtue At A Time

In September, my  group of fabulous Christian Women (Soul Sisters) is traveling on a journey through Proverbs 31. We are deciphering the virtues of a Proverbs Women and applying it to our daily modern lives. I will be blogging daily. I hope you will read, share and comment!

Virtue Challenge Day 1:

Today take a look at Proverbs 31: 10 “A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies

A noble wife is a treasure to her husband. Are you a treasure to yours?

Nobility is not just for the woman who is married. It is a virtue that should be exhibited by all women on a regular basis

A noble woman gives birth to nobility in ALL areas of her life. She exhibits noble habits, noble language, noble behavior, noble posture and a noble way of communication at all times. She rocks an invisible crow

You won’t find her cussing out her neighbor or fighting in the street. She’s not getting “turnt up” at the club every weekend or gossiping daily, keeping drama going.

No one is perfect, however when a noble women acts inappropriately she immediately gets it right with God!

If she has to apologize to someone she does…immediately…no questions asked. Nobility is one of the greatest decorations a woman can have!

In order to evaluate ourselves on nobility

  1. We must humble ourselves and see our flaws. Evaluate and be real with ourselves
  2. We must be willing to change some things – our attitudes, our thought patterns, our work ethic, our words, and what we spend our time on

Here’s just a couple other character traits that a wife AND woman of noble character DOES NOT have:

  1. She does not rival her husband.
  2. She does not mope around and complain about her housework.
  3. She does not overspend and put her family into debt.
  4. She is not bored, discontent, greedy or selfish.
  5. She does not criticize, mock, or disrespect her husband.
  6. She does not let her outer beauty take precedence over her inner beauty.
  7. She does not take God’s word lightly.

So Ladies for today, begin by evaluating yourself against the list above.

What is your definition of a noble woman? Which character quality are you weak in?

Pray and ask God for the strength to change! Never let the world dull your sparkle!

Additional Reading: Read the story of Ruth. Ruth was one of the women in the bible praised for her nobility!

One thought on “One Virtue At A Time

  1. Delux Designs (DE), LLC says:

    I love this! I was cleaning out my email list just now and ran across the email sent with this post and it was like God was sending a sign down to me yet again two years later. Thank you so much, this came right on time!

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