Eve-The Mother of All Living

We are kicking off our study of 12 Women of the Bible today! I’m excited to glean from some of the Bible’s feminine Sheroes!

Today we start  with Eve! Eve was a major character in humanity’s fall and redemption. She appears for the first time in Genesis. In fact f501f91ff5e03cf65ddc93506a4e2c9f

There are so many lessons for women to learn from Eve. First clear your mind and try to picture Eve…Eve was a glorious refinement of humanity, the only being ever directly created by God from the living tissue of another creature. In her original state she was undefiled by evil, unblemished by disease or defect, unspoiled by imperfection. No other women could possible surpass her charm, grace, virtue, intelligence, wit and innocence.

So what picture of her physical characteristics have your conjured up? What does she look like in your mind?

Scripture gives no physical description of Eve. Her beauty-splendid as it must have been- is never mentioned or even alluded to. Pictures that we see, paint her as a stunning slim beauty with white skin and long flowing hair. But there is no Biblical evidence to support any of that! Think about it….in all honesty she could have been short, slightly plump, with a face full of freckles with love handles and guess what? She was still perfect!

She was a source of joy and companionship to Adam, she complimented Adam perfectly!  When Adam first saw her he said “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh…

There is no way to truly picture how she looked on the outside. The focus of the biblical account is on Eve’s duty to her Creator and her role alongside her husband. Which seeks to remind us that the most important traits of true feminine excellence are not superficial! It is not external!

Women who are obsessed with image cosmetics, body shape and other external factors have a distorted view of femininity. Our return to the very first woman of the Bible gives us insight into what God’s ideal woman really is and what her priorities should be.

Eve was taken out of Adam. They shared the same essential nature. She was not inferior, or made to serve him. She was his spiritual counterpart. She was his helper.

Unfortunately, Eve’s temptation and deception by the snake ultimately impacted the human race.  Think about this…The natural desires of her body (it was good for food) , her sight (it was pleasant to see) and good ole curiosity (it was desirable for wisdom) contributed to her confusion and downfall

WOOOOO urges…… healthy urges that we all have can be our downfall. Has any of these urges ever got you caught up in sin?

In 1 John 2:16 The Apostle John speaks on these urges… read and heed

Can you imagine the humiliation that Eve must have felt, believing and knowing her decision impacted mankind?  Just imagine that for a minute, imagine. How would you have reacted?

We never really know her thoughts on what happened, or how she felt, but I imagine she was pretty devastated! She had forfeited paradise for her disobedience!

However, Eve never gave up hope, she never doubted God’s word, his promise to her.

In the curse to the serpent in Genesis 3:15, God says to the evil spirit within the serpent, “I will put enmity…between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise your head and you shall bruise His heel”

Part of God’s curse on the serpent was a bright light for Eve. She had a promise that her Seed would bruise the evil one’s head! I believed she took those words to heart

First the mention of her seed, meant she would have children, raise a family. Also she knew that her race would not always be under the evil one’s domination! One day all the wickedness that she felt she unleashed would be destroyed! GLORY!!!

You see evidence of hope in Eve when she gives birth to her first child Cain. Genesis 4:1 Eve said “I have acquired a man from the Lord” Although Cain was not the promised seed as she had hoped it was still a clear expression of hope and rejoicing…there is a beautiful tone of exultation in it!  Say those words aloud, “I have acquired a man from the Lord!” I can see her being excited, remembering  what God said!

When she bore Seth, even after Cain had broken her heart by murdering Abel, she named him Seth- meaning appointed one-. This reference means that perhaps her heart felt that Seth would fulfill the promise. She never gave up even after all she had experienced! WOW!

The valuable lesson to be learned from Eve, centers on beauty and hope.  We don’t know how many children she had, how long she lived or how she died. But we do know that she lived life with hope, continuing to focus on her duties to God and her role alongside her husband.

Our beauty is not external, yet internal characteristics that make us who we are. Our daily desires to seek God, help us mold and shape those external characteristics daily. Seeing ourselves like Christ. Knowing that we are uniquely crafted, not to be compared to anyone, because everyone has not experienced our walk! Believing that the man that God has for us, will love and appreciate us more for our internal characteristics than our external ones! Waiting in anticipation!

Hope, even when we feel we have messed up. God’s forgiveness trumps ANYONE else’s thoughts about us! We must learn not to allow our past mistakes or failures to dictate our now and our future. Keeping our eyes on Christ. Knowing that the promises in his words shall come to past!

Knowing that our desire for God should be first among all else. The legacy we leave to our children should be knowing and accepting God as our risen savior!

Scripture says that Seth founded a line of Godly people. Genesis 4:26, as to Seth a son was born and he named him Enosh. Then men begin to call on the name of the Lord!

Where did their knowledge of the Lord come from? Obviously it came from Adam and Eve, who definitely had direct, firsthand knowledge of God…more than anyone else. Their offspring, their legacy. Eve’s legacy endured and outlived their sin. Eventually the Messiah entered the world and the promise was fulfilled!!

I’m so grateful for her hope, her faith, her ability to stand on the promise of God in spite of her contribution to humanity’s downfall

Ladies reflect on Eve today and be totally honest with your thoughts on beauty, sin and your total hope in God’s promises…

How do you view beauty? In other women? Within yourself? Consider challenging yourself in this area in 2016.

How do you handle sin? Do you place blame on others for your behavior? Are you quick to forgive those who wrong you? Why? Why not? Is it hard for you to forgive yourself?

How is your hope? What is your faith walk like? Is it hard for you to stand fast and hold on to the promises of God?? Why?

What traits do you believe that God desires you to increase or decrease in your life?

Take a moment to read about Eve and pay attention to her story, her behavior,  her reactions.  Draw from her internal beauty and hope!

Feel free to post your thoughts here, on the Facebook page or respond via email. I can wait to hear your views.

You are MORE than enough Ladies

I Love you!




Scriptures to SOAK in…

Genesis 2:20- 25- The Creation of Eve

Genesis 3: 1-21 The Fall of Man

1 John 2:16

1 Cor 11:7

Today…take a selfie and point out something beautiful you see!

Remember you can receive this Challenge via email by sending a request to soulsisterscircle@gmail.com

This devotional contains excerpts from Twelve Extraordinary Women, by John Macarthur

2 thoughts on “Eve-The Mother of All Living

  1. LaRonda Carson says:

    Ladies reflect on Eve today and be totally honest with your thoughts on beauty, sin and your total hope in God’s promises…

    I can honestly say that I judge myself and other women on inward beauty. I find other women attractive according to their kindness. Although I am twice the size I was at age 30, I still feel I am a beautiful person.

    How do you handle my sin is the same way I handled disappointing my mother, I feel sick. My mother never spanked me because she knew this and did not like disappointing her. It is easy for me to forgive people I love, and people who hurt me, but I find it difficult to forgive people that hurt my older cousins for some reason, even if they have forgiven the person.

    It is not hard for me to stand fast and hold on to the promises of God because I always remember how He took me through my worst year of my life when I had a high risk pregnancy and the lost of marriage.

    I know God desires me to stop putting off things I NEED to do and not doing because of laziness.

    • suellfamily says:

      Thank you Laronda! Your words are familiar to alot of us… Make 2016 the year you step out on faith and do what you know God is calling you to do! I see you are making plans …Im praying for much success!

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