Anna- The Faithful Witness

AnnaAnna appears briefly in Luke, but her inclusion elevates the importance of her life and testimony. She was blessed by God to be one of a handful of key witnesses who knew and understood the significance of Jesus’ birth. There are only 3 brief verses of scripture about Anna in the Bible

She was a Prophetess, and she was singled out for her practice of fasting and praying. Anna was said to be a prophetess , whose heart was set for the coming of the Messiah!

Many faithful believers in Israel were already patiently awaiting the Messiah, looking for Him at the time Jesus was born….but so few recognized Him, because he did not fit their expectations. The only Israelites who understood that Jesus was the Messiah at his birth were Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, and Simeon and Anna. Everything that scripture says about Anna is contained in three verses  Luke 2: 36-38…she is never mentioned anywhere else in the Bible…but she is worthy of studying simply because of who she was!

Simeon had just picked up the infant Jesus and pronounced a prophetic blessing on Him. In that instant, the Bible says Anna happened by and immediately understood what was going on and who Christ was. Like many other women we have studied, Anna knew the Old Testament promises and she understood that salvation from sin and the future blessing of Israel depended on the coming of the Messiah. She understood the significance of Jesus’ birth and she did not keep it a secret!

She became one of the first and most enduring witnesses to Christ! Even at her golden age of possibly 84, she spent her life serving God, with fastings and prayers night and day (Luke 2:37)  This speaks of her own self denial and sincerity. She had lived this type of life for 64 years or longer. A passionate woman…she surely prayed about many things!…and there is little doubt that the main subjects of her prayers was “The Conselation of Israel” (Luke 2:25) Her hope, just like Eve was for the Seed who would crush the serpent’s head. She was praying that God would soon send the promised deliverer, the Messiah!

Anna took the word of God seriously. She knew the Messiah was coming and her prayer was that it would happen soon!

We can only imagine how Anna felt after years of praying and fasting to see the answer right there in front of her face, wrapped in a bundle in Simeon’s arms. By faith she knew Simeon’s promise was true and that God had answered her prayers

Anna’s prophetic witness came boldy, She spoke of Him to all those who looked for redemption in Jerusalem (Luke 2:38). She sought out true believers, true worshipers and at EVERY opportunity from then on, she spoke to them about the Messiah!

What became of Anna after this is not recorded, She possibly was in Heaven by the time Christ began his public ministry some thirty years later. The day of his dedication was perhaps her one and only glimpse of him, but she did not stop talking about Him!

What type of witness are you? Do you stand steadfast through prayer and fasting…even through the waiting season?

Or does your faith waiver? Do you become consumed with the woes of the world or even what others say?

Anna never wavered, never stop praying and recognized the answer to her prayer, when it appeared! You see her constant and diligent time with God had her so in tune with His word, that nothing could fool her. Just as when we spend time with God, our discernment becomes keener, we recognize goodness and evil!

Get in the word, make time for fasting and praying so you can recognize the goodness of God when it is in your midst!

Love you my sisters!

Scriptures to SOAK in….

Luke 2: 36-38.



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