Women of The Bible

Women-of-GodSo we are closing out the 12 Women Of The Bible Challenge today! Thank you if you have been diligent and committed to reading, commenting and sharing this blog. I pray it has been a blessing to you!

This Challenge blessed me in many ways. Any time I get an opportunity to study the word, I am elated. However when I am able to study an extraordinary women whose life mirrors mine…I am even more inspired and encouraged to stay on the purpose driven path!

Women , may not have always been outwardly appreciated, yet they were secret heroines, prayer warriors and worshippers! Their faith and commitment to God was never unnoticed by Him. God honored their diligence and blessed them beyond measure!

No matter who you or what you have been through…you can find yourself in the Bible. If you hold fast to the promises found there and take notice of how God worked in the lives of women in the Bible…you will find the answers to many daily struggles!

Eve, Ruth, Rahab, Hannah, Lydia, Joanna, The Samaritan Women and the list continues were just like us today. Yet they made time for prayer, praise and worship throughout their day. Truly perhaps they did not have all the busyness we endure in this age….yet their lives were perhaps largely different. They didn’t hesitate to put God first, even if It meant endangering their own lives in the process

Oh if we could just take one of these women and mirror their life, how blessed we would truly be!

Let this study really work for you by doing more intense research on these and other women in the Bible.  Take heed to their actions and their behaviors…but more importantly take heed to their solutions. There is nothing new under the sun….nothing! That means the issue or problem you are facing at this moment perhaps…has been faced and overcome before!

The world needs more women who are truly worshippers of God. The world needs more women who are not afraid to stand up for God. The world needs more women who will seek out opportunities to share Gods goodness. The world needs you to walk in your purpose. 2016 is your time….this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Someone is in need of your word, your testimony, your ministry. There is someone who needs you to bring them to Christ…they’re waiting…for you

Its time you started…we are all rooting for you!

Once again, I am grateful you traveled this journey with me and the beautiful ladies of Soul Sisters. Soul Sisters is a group of women from around the globe, who strive to study God’s word daily, using it to become Proverbs 31 Women of Worth!

Stop by my website at http://www.virtuousvibes.com to join the mailing list for the group and stay connected to our upcoming events. We are located on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/SimplySoulSisters/

We are also launching  Soul Full Sessions in March, a Blogtalk Radio Show dedicated to providing informative and inspiring information! Stop by and favorite our page. Create a free registration so you can chat live with us during the show


Lastly, but definitely not least, continue to read Gods word daily!  Contact me at soulsisterscircle@gmail.com if you need prayer, a push to continue or a listening ear.

I’m always rooting for you!

Stay blessed



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