Here’s to the 30 Day Journey!




How is your Faith Walk? Do you walk swiftly, avoiding rocks and snares that may impede your path or trip you up? Or are you one to casually nip your toe on items along the way. Sometimes intentionally straying away from the glistening path set before you. Distractions come to keep us from accomplishing all that God has planned for our lives. Distractions come to nip away at our faith.

As we embark on this 30 Day Faith Dare, I pray you find time to meditate daily, read the scriptures and challenge yourself to think differently, if just for the day at hand.

All of us have some type of faith and utilize some type of faith daily. Each morning we arise with confidence that our lights once turned on will illuminate our homes with light. Once dressed, we go outside , insert our keys in the ignition and are pretty confident that our modes of transportation will start with no problems!

We put our trust in it. Whenever we can not see something, but we believe it will fulfill its purpose….that’s Faith. As Christians our total faith, our trust in God  determines whether we can live a life totally pleasing to him.  However, it is amazing how little faith, many of us have at times. How much our beliefs waiver, how much we hinder our own blessings , by our unbelief that Gods word will fulfill the purpose it has been destined to fulfill.

The 11th Chapter of Hebrews is all about Faith. It tells you what Faith is, explains why it is important and provides examples of people who walked in Faith

It is very clear that Faith moves us away from self and towards God. It causes us to make choices in obedience. It surely will be tested, sometimes daily! Tests and trials causes us to really look at exactly what we believe about God and how strongly  we believe it!

If we could just remember God’s track record of faithfulness to us and those before us, our belief in God would override our feelings. Its only a test!

God truly wants us to pass each one with flying colors! The goal of the Faith Dare is to help you live life and look at life as the Bible shows us! Peaceful, content, joyful and full of harmony, even when our circumstances change….it should not change our hearts!

As you go through this Challenge daily focus on the daily truth, and challenge yourself. Process it, digest it, use it and walk in it. Watch your life begin to change for the better!

Are you ready to up your faith to the next level? Are you ready to live life abundantly?

I am!



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