Day 1:Dare to Ask God For A New Heart

Read and Meditate on Psalm 86 vs 11-13 and 15-16

We’ve all been heartbroken! Had our hearts shattered by people, news and disappointments!  How devastating it can be to have your heart wounded by someone you love and/or care about deeply. We have all been there, some of us many times….over and over again. Forgiveness does not come easy to the brokenhearted.

Our hearts are the center of who we are and once we go through a broken heart, our trust diminishes. We no longer look at ourselves and others the same. Its hard for us to get back on track. Its hard for us to look at ourselves and each other the same.

Have you ever had to dig your way back from a broken heart? How hard was it? Are you still in that cold, dark place? A broken heart keeps us restricted, it hinders us from living in freedom in Christ!

Throughout the scriptures, we read the importance of our heart condition and how it is central to everything that concerns us. Many of us know people who have allowed the condition of their hearts to make them cold and dead to love as well as others.

Ezekiel 36:26-28, God promises us a new heart, a new focus, even after the heartbreak. It may take some time but God truly can soothe our wounds. Gods word can penetrate, cutting away the sin and all that is displeasing to Him. He can give us a new central focus!Have you ever experienced a Godly heart transplant? You become someone totally different. Even in times of distress you may want to put on the old man, but our new ways of thinking turn our hearts to be centrally focused on God

If we truly want change we have to let go of the areas in our hearts which are blocked from God. We must surrender all of ourselves to his will. God has to often cut us open, and search the deep issues of our heart. Ugh, that in itself can be painful. But unless we allow God to cut us open and show us our hindrances and insecurities, change never comes. I dare you today to practice forgiveness of yourself and someone else. Speak it out loud, make the call that you have put off for quite some time….

Today’s Dare: Ask God to show you the areas in your heart that need healing.  Thank God for the gift of a new heart and remind yourself that God has given it to you all day today. Ask God to soothe the wounded area. Making you a women with one focus, one vision, one purpose! Walk in FREEDOM!

Prayer: Lord I come to you with my heart, the center of who I am. I ask you to work within me by exposing the areas that are fragmented, divided and out of focus. Above all else give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name and worship you with a full surrender. Let surrender become the whole of who I am and the center desire of my heart!

I dare you to be a forgiver today


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