Day 2:Dare To Pay Attention To God’s Lead


Read and meditate on Psalm 119: 1-8  and John 8:12

My favorite words of empowerment?  “Each day you wake up, you’re still winning!”

Did you know that each day you open your eyes, God has an assignment for you?  Do you do all that God has assigned to you in the 24 hours you are alive? Our lives are extremely busy! I’m more busier now than I was before I retired! LOL

Its easy to do the things that come naturally to us, the things that must be done daily. Work, cook, wash clothes, take care of the kids etc. However what about the ministry that we should be performing daily? The things that are not on our “to do” list. There is always a deeper purpose to each day. To follow Christ and pay attention to his directives on how he wants us to live.

The disciples gave up their everyday mundane tasks to follow Jesus. They were fishermen, until Jesus called them from an ordinary life to an extraordinary life. What did they do? They put down their nets and followed Jesus! Not only did they follow him but they learned to listen and obey Him. Jesus taught them a new way to live life….a life of obedience. It wasn’t easy, they questioned and reasoned with Jesus. But once he spoke, they listened and obeyed.

Our lives should surely mirror theirs. Are you paying attention to what God wants you to do daily? Are you following His lead or your own thoughts and ideas?

The disciples had to do two things to fulfill Gods lead, first they had to COME, then they had to FOLLOW. Coming and Following are two different things. For the Disciples, coming meant changing direction, making the choice to walk with Jesus. Following took the choice of coming a step further. Following means chasing after God. We comply with his voice, obey his lead and most importantly we pay attention to HIM!

Taking the time to listen is paying attention to God. Make the time to listen. Read his word and pay attention to what he is saying. Just like the disciples, your life will change completely. Once they committed to come, their lives were different, they became about the Father’s business, instead of their own!


Today’s Dare: What is God telling you to do today? What are you doubting or questioning about his command to you? What do you think will happen, if you just choose to obey instead of questioning? Dare to do the VERY thing that God first spoke to you. Dare to listen to him, give him your undivided attention today and really listen to what He has to say in regards to you and your life.

Prayer: Father so often I don’t understand what you are leading me to do. I’m tempted to think my way is the best way. I often feel like Simon, when you told him to do something silly. It was a test and you showed up in a giant measure. I want to lay down my net today. Help me in my decision to follow you completely.


I dare you to just do it! Obey, Go and Follow! I will meet you there!


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