Day 3: Dare to Live Like You Are Loved


Read and Meditate on Psalm 136:1-5, 23-26,  Romans 5:8, 1 John 3:1

A dear friend told me that her husband of 13 years said to her, ” I’ve never loved you!” I cant imagine how that must have felt. After fully dedicating years of your time and efforts to someone they kick you in the gut with a statement like that! WOW!!

Some of us can relate to feelings of not feeling loved or cared about. A depressive state that can sink in and cause us to disappear into our rooms, blinds drawn, hiding for days.

Our feelings of being not enough or lacking in certain areas can start at an early age. Hurts and childhood issues can carry on into adulthood, leaving scars and wounds, feelings that are never dealt with.

Our only remedy can be remembering that God loves us, pouring the love in his word into our hearts and empty holes.

When it comes to following Christ, we do so by following the melody of his love for us. He led the disciples because he loved them, ultimately loving them all the way to the cross. They were ordinary people, doing their own thing when he called them to follow. He loved them and us, in spite of the sinners we are.

We must continuously pour God’s love into our minds, so it can enter our heart. John says that God has lavished his love on us! Lavish is linked to the word shower. God truly showers us with his love. Once we get that in our hearts, life becomes abundant for us. We no longer go through mundane tasks. We gain a bigger picture, living by faith, walking in expectancy….because regardless of our past, we know who holds our future!

Are you truly living as if you are loved today?

Today’s dare: live up to what God has called you to be! Walk in that truth as you interact with others today. Remind someone that they too are loved and truly a child of the King! Discard the negative labels that you have been given by others. Write them down if you like and tear the paper up.  Also take into consideration , any negative names or labels you have given others. Find something you can do to show love to yourself and to lavish love on someone else today

Send me an email and tell me what you did!

Prayer: Lord thank you that your Love is overflowing and extravagant in my life. Help me to love myself as you love me. Help me to love others, as you love them. Allow me to bask in the lavishness of your love daily!

I love you!..Release yourself to BE LOVED TODAY!



2 thoughts on “Day 3: Dare to Live Like You Are Loved

  1. Yolanda says:

    Learning about God’s love is key to my spiritual growth. I’m too excited for where God has brought me, I no longer fit in. Tired of the same old church as usual, same thing over and over. In Christ there is newness. Trying to hold on.

    • suellfamily says:

      I feel you Cuz..I’m in that space right now. We are set apart.. Although it can be lonely… Its during this time.. Our spiritual man is being built…stay upright to weather storms.. Stay in tune to God to hear his voice for your next level

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