Day 6: Dare to Renew Your Mind Through God’s Word


The Samaritan woman at the well was tired! She was used up and getting by. Many of us know exactly how that feels!

Many times we feel used up by work, by people, by family…wooooooooooo as my girlfriend likes to say. Too many hats of responsibility. Too many folks with too many emotions and too many sides of people to deal with on a regular basis!

Even after we become saved the struggle of dealing with folks does not become easier. We change our lives, become church goers, go to bible studies… we look different on the outside…but are we truly different on the inside? Cleaning up our lives is just an external fix to an internal situation. To be truly fixed, we must work on our internal fixtures, the processing station of our body must be transformed…our mind!

What we think, becomes a belief and rules our life! So daily we have to renew our mind through the reading and studying of  Gods word.

Our power of choice over rules everything. I often say, people make time to do what they want to do. Therefore what’s important to you becomes a priority. We are quick to say “my children come first, or  my  mother is my heart etc” therefore we drop everything in regards to them…if something happens…we run to  their rescue! How often do we view the time we spend with God as a priority in our lives?

In order for us to be changed and made new, a transformation must take place. God allows u turns and its never to late. Renewing our mind through daily reading of God’s word is important. How can we pull something from our belly, when we are empty? You can not utilize Gods word , if you don’t have any in you to use!

Today’s Dare: Think on these scriptures

Matthew 4:4

John 8:31-32

Hebrews 4:12

Psalm 119:9

Ask yourself what are your REAL values. Examine your heart and see where your priorities lie.

Prayer: Father show me my priorites! Renew me, restore me and turn my life around..face to face, heart to heart…yours and only yours!

Make time for God, he is waiting!



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