Day 7: Dare to Believe In Gods Power In All Circumstances



Meditate on John 15:16, Corinthians 5:20, Ephesians 1:18-20, Ephesians 2:10

There is Power in the name of Jesus! There is Power in the name of Jesus!

To Break Every Chain…break every chain….break every chain!

Power is an amazing thing in our lives, our homes…without it we would not have much. Remember the last time , the electricity in your home went out? It can be a hopeless situation for us…we feel lost!

The same is true about Gods power, we should feel lost without it, yet we take it for granted because we cant see it. You see in our homes, when we have lost power, we can see it immediately! To be honest, when we have lost God’s power in our lives, you can see it immediately as well. Nothing happens for us, we are lost and miserable, when actually we are just not plugged into our own power source!

Do you operate in the power that HAS ALREADY BEEN given to you? We don’t have to wait on anyone to give it to us…we just have to begin to utilize the power source. It never turns off, it doesn’t get knocked out by a storm! We spend way too much time trying to operate through our own power instead of the source of God in our lives. It fatigues us, we become exhausted…

We all have had our moments! Not realizing that we just need a boost from the main supply! GOD!

God has equipped us for his purpose. We are ambassadors of his love, grace and power in this world! Get your foundation centered by studying the scriptures that will empower you!

Today’s Dare: Meditate on the scriptures provided at the beginning on this blog. Think of what power is in the natural realm and then realize that God’s power is bigger and grander than any power we can imagine! If necessary, go into a dark room and sit for a couple of seconds, then turn on the light…feel the difference? Dare to take the light with you everywhere you go today.  Become a power source for those who need it!

Prayer: Lord please help me to remember that your power, mighty in strength, lives within me. Remind me to live in that power as an overcommer in hard places in life. Let the truth of your power allow me to take faith risks each day…risking to love, to forgive,  to do the right thinks and to risk to share the gospel with others!

Believe in the POWER that God has placed within you!



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