Day 9: Dare to Believe that God Gives Good Gifts To His Children



Meditate on Psalm 116:1-4, Matthew 7:7-11

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know – Jeremiah 33:3

Too often we go to God about a situation or a circumstance, we pray, we ask, we seek, we knock…and when we do not receive, we become anxious, irritated and distressed. Our conversations with God consist of “why?” and “how?”

May times, we forget that God gives good gifts. God gives bread, not stones. You can rest assured that your prayers have been heard, yet the doors will only be opened, when it is time for you to receive what is behind the door. Keep claiming it and standing on Gods word and wait in anticipation of the “good” thing that you shall receive and at the right time!

Even when you cant see or fathom what you have been praying and standing on, know that the God you serve is GOOD! and what he has in store for you is marvelous!

Its coming! Believe it!

Todays Dare: Truly believe that God has heard your prayer and it is coming in his timing. Begin to thank God for it, even what you can not see manifesting in the physical realm…is truly being manifested in the spiritual realm. If you still have an unanswered prayer, then the good thing is not available yet. Wait on it, too often we are anxious and what we receive maybe what we wanted, but Lord knows its not always GOOD for us….we get a stone…yet we find out too late. Learn to trust God’s timing!

Prayer: Lord give me patience! I choose to trust that doors will be open when you are ready to bless me with all the good that you have for me. I am trusting you in control of my life and every circumstance. I wont fret, I wont worry, I wont get anxious. I will thank you in the waiting season of my life.

That good thing is surely on its way to you!


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