Day 10: Dare To Guard Your Thoughts and Fill Your Mind With Good



Psalm 3:3-6, 8, Romans 8:6, 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Philippians 4:8, Colossians 3:2 are the scriptures to meditate on today…

My, my , my ..the peril of negative thinking!

How many times have you had to fight bad thoughts? How many hours a day do you have to shift focus and commit yourself to thinking on good thoughts?

It surely takes a committed focus on God to live differently from the world. The struggle of life can have us thinking we have completely lost our mind!

we must take our thoughts captive. Anytime a negative thought creeps  in, we must seek to destroy it with positive thinking. God’s word is the divine power that can destroy the places in our mind that are held in a stronghold by our own negative thinking, worldly perceptions and the lies from satan himself!

None can control where you dwell mentally but you. Learn to manage your mind, by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. It can often be like looking for flowers in a field of weeds, but they are there…

Even in the testings that you will endure, your elevation to another level spiritually makes it all worth it.

Today’s Dare: recognize the negative thoughts and practice putting a positive there. Put up barriers of truth so that when negative thoughts come, they cannot penetrate the wall.

Prayer: Father I surrender my mind to you. Teach me how to cast down, tear down and disassemble every thought that does not honor you or your word.

Be at peace mentally on a daily basis


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