Day 12: Dare to Believe You are a Great Treasure, of Great Value To God


Deut 7:6, Psalm 139:14, Isaiah 46:3-4…are the scriptures to study!

We put great value on material things! What we do, what we have, what we accomplish. All of those things are insignificant and shallow. The rich full life that Christ has for us is much more secure than what our world calls riches

God created us, planned for us and ordained our days. He set us apart from birth, carries us through in life and holds us this moment. He will never lay us down, or separate us from his love. He has called us His treasure, his Holy people and the sheep of his pasture. He has called us daughter, friend, bride and beloved! His goodness and love follow us, chase after us and find us again and again. We are not subject to the standards of the world, unless we choose to be. We now live by a different standard, so we must cease comparing ourselves to the standards of the world. We live by a different authority and a higher power!

As long as we continue to search for significance and value in things other than our Creator, we will never be content and always be searching! Although we may find a temporary happiness, scripture teaches us that we come from a place of value and worth! God values those whom He has made! No One can take that value away from us, in spite of what they say or do…no man….no woman!  Sometimes we spend a significant amount of time thinking we are not worthy, we don’t add value to the lives of others and that we ourselves are not significant to God, that is farrrrrrrr from the truth!

The enemy is threatened by us and seeks to destroy us daily, especially when we realize our worth!. When we have full confidence in who we are in God, we become a force to be reckoned with…that is why he brings discouragement across our paths…whether through thoughts of our own or the words of others. Its all for the same purpose …to keep us from accomplishing the greatness God has for us!

God confidence makes us unstoppable! Belive the truth today and not the lies of the enemy!. Your birthdate is the day that greatness was born. Ask God to heal you from any negative messages that have made you feel less than a treasure from God. Your gifts and traits are no mistake. Its time you put them to use and commit yourself to the Kingdom and Gods work!

Say this daily “I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am Gods!, I am his creation, his treasure. I am his possession!”

And just as you are God’s treasure , so is everyone else! Let someone know how valuable they are in the Kingdom today!

Prayer: Lord help my unbelief! Help me to understand my value in the Kingdom today! Let me walk in the treasure, the beauty of who you have made me to be! Remind me to cast down negative thoughts daily and fill up on the words of you my creator! I’m blessed beyond measure, because I am a daughter of a King! Let me walk in that lineage today!

I love you , my sister, my treasure!


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