Day 13: Dare to Surrender To The Process of Change


Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame Psalm 34:5

When we look at how jewels are transformed, and brought to life, we often forget there is a process. A process that can often be ugly. Any jewel, rather it is a pearl or a diamond, goes through a grinding, a shaping, a beating to bring the beauty to the surface.

As God shapes us, the process can be very similar. He changes us from day to day, from glory to glory. The change is part of the process of life that makes up abundant living! We are changed daily in small steps and in unseen ways. This change happens through our surrender of our will to God. God is transforming our will into all that he has planned us to be.

We have learned that our life is not our own. Therefore, allowing God to change us, brings out the beauty in us. He takes broken hearts and makes them new, messy lives become mended. He dresses us in something completely new and beautiful. He restores us, revives us and gives us the courage to quit living in our ways and live in the beauty of his holiness/

Its never suppose to be about us, we must learn to take the back seat in our lives and allow God to take the wheel. We just have to stay focused on him as the driver and the place that he is trying to take us to!

Today ‘s Dare: Say no to everything else that is distracting you, …yes we really know what has our attention…we are often just not ready to change. Time is short and the abundance of life is waiting. Refocus and rethink your life and as often as needed. Thank God for the change, no matter how pressing it may be. Fix your eyes on God, allow him total control and let him do the driving!. Dare yourself to be a part of someone else’s healing today…

Prayer: Lord help me embrace the process of change, knowing it is essential for growth. Let me monitor my time and my surroundings in order to put you first in my life! Im ready for the newness…

Are you ready? GET READY!


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