Day 15: Dare To Believe You Are Complete In God!


Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom  2 Corinthians 3:17

As women, we all long to hear the words “You complete Me”. It totally melts our heart. We all want to be loved, searching for that person or those people who will complete us, make us whole.

But what if we believed it is Christ who completes us? Or that we actually are complete because of Christ in us and his work for us? This love is really what makes us balanced, centered, secure and yes COMPLETE!

If we truly believed that we are complete in Christ, we would stop our search for something more or some one more. Many of the single women I know, would not spend endless nights in desire or lust for a warm body, because their wait would be a time of preparation!

There truly is freedom in embracing the truth that all we are and all we will ever be is now hidden in Christ and constructed by the power of Christ’s work in us. Yesterday we studied that fact, that we are perfect in Christ and can not do it by ourselves. We wear ourselves out trying to perfect ourselves, but the truth is, in Christ we are made perfect and complete. God does not judge perfection the way we do. Perfect in a Spiritual sense is one who is being completed through maturity, growth and surrender to God.

Wives: You have all that is necessary to love your husbands in a way that is meaningful to him and pleasing to God. Come to Christ daily for a complete filling of all you need for this calling

Mothers: You are complete in Christ. You have already been given all you need to be the Mother that your child/children need. God has a plan for each life you created. You are in partnership with God in developing human lives. This is high calling

In the Workplace: You have all that you need to get along with people, live in integrity and be a light! You are made complete for the all the tasks at hand. God put you right where you are, trust him to give you success in your line of work and to work through you

In Ministry: You have to claim your competence and completion in Christ. You are a Jesus follower and a difference maker because of God. Seek him daily to be filled with his power. God makes you whole, complete and ever ready for what he calls you to be.

All of life is ministry, so all of us, regardless of what we do daily, whatever our position, need to be filled daily and ready to live a life of completion by Christs power each day

Today’s Dare: Dare to see Christ in yourself and the way you view yourself and others will change. Pray for family members who are not a Christian…view them as complete in Christ. Ask God to show them to truth..ask God to show you the truth as to who you are in Christ!

Prayer: Father work your truth in me. By faith I thank you that I am enough, competent, adequate , and sufficient for all you have called me to be, because YOU COMPLETE ME!

I cant wait for the manifestation of the work that God is about to do in your life!


One thought on “Day 15: Dare To Believe You Are Complete In God!

  1. Pamela Zimmerman says:

    What a great word you keep pouring out and I am like a sponge I keep absorbing thank you for this dare it has truly been a blessing for me love you daughter

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