Day 20:Dare to Speak, Praise and Live With Confidence in God



When we are under our problems, we become a bit whiny and needy. In this place we become discouraged and our bad attitude keeps the fire burning. What is the way out? Learn the power of praising God in all things!

Praising God will change your life!  Its a powerful biblical truth that we often don’t dare ourselves to live in enough. Its often not enough to redirect our focus and affirm with our minds and learn that God loves us. Those two things are very important, but we cant stop there. We also need to look at how whiny and needy we have become while living so much of life for self or within the confines of insecurity about self. This type of life is not God’s abundant best for us

Constant complaining only serves to keep the negative fire burning brightly. Its time to put out the fire’s lame. Don’t fan it, PUT IT OUT

Turn your attitude around. Anyone can whine, but it takes a different kind of woman who wants to live a different kind of life to turn whining into thankfulness instead. Look for the good . Thank God for anything that might be good. If your situation is not good, than  thank God that he is

Praise God and remind yourself each day as you go through a change in my life. It will remind me to be in touch with life, love, hope and spiritual health.

Remind yourself that praising God will help you live above your circumstance! Train you to set your heart and mind on things above! Set up an ambush for the enemy! Enable you to live differently!

Whatever battle you are facing today, go out and face the day, face your disappointments, by taking your position and standing firm. Your position is one of being God’s dearly beloved child. As his child, you have received his Holy Spirit to lead you, empower you and comfort you through the hard times in life

You have the power and freedom in Christ to choose something different each time life gets you down. It will take some practice, because for many whining has become familiar. But with practice and time, you can learn to live in a healthier place

God will always lead you in procession of triumph. There is no room for fear!

Today’s Dare: Start today by thanking God that he is with you and he is leading you. Think about beginning a gratefulness journal. Write down things you are grateful for each day. Next thank God for inner strength! Ask God to plant your feet firmly on the belief that God wants what’s best for you and that God loves you and that he will never leave or forsake you!. Dare to say Thank you!, I praise you Lord several times today!

Prayer: Lord help me to praise your more than whine and complain! Lead me into your way, in my mind and with my mouth

I love you Lord is my daily cry!


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