Day 24: Dare To Allow Your Heart To Connect and Your Mind To Engage with Others


Meditate on Romans 12:9-10, 15-16

Sometimes we feel we simply do not have time for people! It seems funny or strange to say that, but it can often be a reality for many. But too often, it is based on what we place our value on amidst all of the things that we have to do.

God has created us for relationship not just with him but with others as well. We were created to connect, to do life together, to hear each others burdens, to care with our whole being for another whom Christ loves.

Honoring the value of people is a choice we make when we dare to live the Jesus style of life. He loved people, walked with them, ate with them, processed with them, directed them, cried with them, healed them, gave to them and forgave them. I really want to learn to value people, the way Jesus did!

Although the value of sincere love has become watered down in today’s society, we know that God’s love is different. It is pure, not self seeking. It is patient and kind. It always believes the best in others, it doesn’t fail. So its easy to see that we must really need this type of love if we are ever going to truly connect with people in way that brings healthy relationships. Without the love of God, we are left to our selfish ways.

Today’s Dare: Dare to watch for needs around you and see what you can do to meet them. Invite someone over for dinner, out to coffee or lunch, to a movie. Join a small group at your church or school. Make people a priority! Be genuinely happy when others succeed!

Prayer: Lord I do not want to live a self absorbed life, nor do I want to live behind self protective walls and barriers. Teach me how to love others in an authentic way that enriches their lives and honors you. Father lead me into relationships that are your choice for me and to friends who are part of your design for my life.




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