Faith Carriers…


God morning!
Im still hanging out in Genesis this morning, reflecting on Eve.
In spite of her fall to the serpents deception, Eve was still such a remarkable woman of faith! She held onto the golden nugget of the promise of her seed bruising the serpents head! She knew everything would be fixed..restored..She knew she would BE COMING OUT OF the mess that she was in!
She carried that faith like women carry purses! Everywhere she went!
Even after Cain disappointed her..SHE STILL HELD ON, naming her male sons appropriately to her faith..trusting that “Oh Yes God said it..Its coming to pass!”
Do you ever wonder how much time passed before Cain was born? How much more time until Seth was born? How many years she had to walk that faith walk?
You ever wonder if there were any naysayers..her children saying anything crazy like “God promised what ma? You talking about the one who kicked yall out the garden?” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
She didnt even get to see the promise come to pass..but she was a faith carrier that kept it in position!
Whats your stance on your circumstance this morning?
Are you trudging through the wilderness experience like the Israelites..or are you carrying the faith to keep Gods promise in position?
Trusting God that YOURE COMING OUT!

Be Blessed in your Faith Walk!

You’re Next!!


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