Voice Activated…

As I read my Bible this morning, I noticed that in Genesis God spoke, it happened! Throughout the time Jesus walked on earth. He spoke and things happened!

Our world is voice activated! Our lives are voice activated! We are voice activated! If you don’t believe it, let somebody say something you don’t like, let your child say something smart, see how quickly you respond!! We are so voice activated, we  see folks whispering, and cant hear and think, “Oh they talking about me” We are sitting in the nail shop and cant understand the language and wonder “Are they talking about me?”

We are voice activated and the enemy knows it. He is always saying something, tempting us. Getting in our minds. He whispers some foolishness, we follow it right up! Why? because its a familiar voice…even though we shouldn’t be listening! We are voice activated, so we respond.

The Holy Spirit speaks too, but a lot of times we don’t recognize its voice, because we don’t spend enough time in its presence! We always say we cant hear God, yet we don’t spend enough time in his presence in order to recognize his voice.

Jesus was voice activated as well! So voice activated, he could truly distinguish between Gods  voice and the voice of satan! When he was tempted, satan tried to get Jesus to turn stones into bread. Why? because he knew he could! He knew that words bring life or death, words move mountains! Satan was trying to get Jesus to use his gift for a self serving purpose. Jesus didn’t do it, although he surely could have . But see he wasn’t moved by the voice of satan! The only voice that moved him was Gods!

Wow, how many of us can say the same? What voice moves you??

You know its funny that we know that there is life and death in the tongue, but so many of us don’t utilize the tongue for life as much as we do death! Many of our own issues, are due to our own mouths! many of our molehills have turned into mountains because of our own mouths!

Even things are voice activated! In Matthew, Jesus cursed the fig tree, IT DIED. In Mark he rebuked the wind and the water, IT STOPPED! In Matthew, He tells us, we can move mountains. Jesus spoke across a lake, when the disciples couldn’t catch fish and they start jumping into the net! Objects hear Gods voice and move, no questions asked, yet some of us wont move or budge an inch when God tells us to!!

The word says we have the power and authority to tread on serpents. The authority lies dormant until we use it! Notice I said WE.  We often need to speak to our own mountains, our own wind, our own water, our own fig trees… You probably put it there..IT KNOWS YOUR VOICE!  Don’t get me wrong, its great to solicit prayers, but some of your mountains, your trees etc are not going to respond to my voice! I can speak over it, yet it may not move until it hears your voice!

Speak to your situation today! What you declare in Gods will, the Holy Spirit will make happen!

Be Blessed




2 thoughts on “Voice Activated…

  1. Jearleen says:

    A Word in Season! A strategy for the storm of an unjust Eviction me and my children are facing.
    God bless you Sister.

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