Paul’s Revelation



So this armor….Where did it originate from? How do you explain to someone about what it actually is?

How do you put on the armor of God? You see we all hear it on a regular basis, but few REALLY know exactly HOW TO DO IT?

First lets talk about Paul..who was he? where did he come up with the analogy of the “full armor?”

Paul, was an apostle who was very faithful in spreading Christianity . It came with a price, it wasn’t easy. He traveled , he was persecuted.

But heres the kicker! He didn’t start out that way, He actually started out with the name SAUL, he actually persecuted Christians, He terrorized them in fact!!
But God changed him and he became on fire for GOD! See when God changes you, even your name changes. Folks cant even call you what they used too…well they can, but you dont have to answer! (That will teach)

Throughout his journey to spread Gods word, he was accused of sedition, beaten, arrested, almost assassinated, shipwrecked, attacked by a snake and placed under house arrest:

WOW, and some of us in ministry, think we got it bad. For Paul… it as just part of his job description.

Imprisoned in Rome for two years under the watchful eyes of Roman soldiers, Paul was able to write four epistles (Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon)

Living for two years with soldiers of the Roman army must have made an impression on Paul.

Im sure he studied those soldiers very well, studied their armor, became well acquainted with it, learned to understand the function of each piece, what purpose it served and why it was important. See even in his chaos, he was looking for the lesson he needed to learn from all this mess..

Is there a message in your mess? Are you getting the lesson?

Then God dropped some revelation on him. Just as the Roman soldiers required physical armor to fight their wars, we Christians require spiritual armor to successfully fight ours! . As the pieces fell into place, Paul saw that each piece of Roman armor had a powerful correlation with our own spiritual defenses.

It is this analogy that the church in Ephesus received and which God has preserved for two thousand years for our benefit!


Whats the lesson in your mess? Have you taken a moment to hear what God is trying to tell you?


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