Unanswered Prayers

This first day of fasting has brought me a timely word from God. The overall theme for today struke a cord with me. God only confirms AFTER you obey. So many times we bargain with God. Assuring him that if he ” just does this one more thing” or gives us that one thing” we will do what God expects. We will make things right, stop drinking, start going to church more, make amends with that one person etc.

God is not in the bargaining business. He clearly tells us in his word..or rather his messages to me today were..”I can not work with a defiled heart. I cant answer any prayer through a temple of sin.”

God wants us to get alone with him daily. Pray, repent, confess. Our unconfessed sin hinders our blessings.

I need my people, my children to consecrate themselves..sit in my presence and truly listen. Joshua 3:5

I pray this blesses someone like it blessed me today❤

I Love you..


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