Day 4


As I continue on this journey of Juice Fasting, Day 4 has been very interesting and exciting for me. Although I intended to blog everyday, I am only lead to write as God is allowing me.

Day 1-2 of this journey came with a mental battle. “Why are you doing this Steph?’ Is it going to be worth it?” the chatter went on and on. What was very amazing to me, was often I would hear God yelling to me over the chatter. His voice resounding louder than the enemy. Once I even heard God say ” Do you hear what I am saying to you?”  I felt reprimanded.

As I moved into Day 3, the clarity begin and so did the hunger pains. Yesterday was the worst day for me, I literally cried and after a while I could only moan out to God. I could not digest the juice, it would not go down, therefore water became my only substance. I found myself on my knees, crying out to God, in between my prayers and interceding

Today on Day 4, my mind has sharpened, so much , that Gods decimal has tuned down to the whispers he mostly uses to commune with us. He has answered several prayers. This morning he blessed me with an timely word to release. and after my praises to Him. He responded “Do you see what I am doing through you?”

I do, and I am so grateful He has chosen me for this journey!

Continue to pray for me


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