The humble heart of David


So I have been studying David over the last couple of days and like a friend told me a while back. “Sis, you want a David, not a Boaz!” I was like ..let me do a little research-LOL.After a couple of days, I agree!

Most of us know that David slayed a giant and have heard that he was a man after God’s own heart. But David mad mistakes, yet he was quick to humble himself with a repentant heart.
David was out here, tending sheep, slaying bears, lions and a goliath..and then turned around and played a harp in the palace for a man who wanted to kill him!…all on his journey of becoming KING! Lets not forget, his father, Jesse, didnt even refer to him by name and forgot about him when the anointing was given out by Samuel……..woooo

Some folks wont even take the trash out at the job on the way to becoming a manager!

Humble starts lead to extraordinary endings! Anointed and appointed! A man after God’s own heart💖 Truly pray that God brings a David in your life! You wont have to worry about, how he handles your heart!

David stayed the course! He didn’t know HOW but he knew WHO!
Stay on the road. Humble your heart. Wait on the promotion thats coming! 💖
Be great today! 💖 I love you


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