Genesis 4-Issues of The Heart


Genesis 4
Issues of the Heart
Since the beginning of time there has been sibling rivalry. Cain killed Abel. Then there was Jacob and Esau – twins fighting over birth rights. And then Jacob showed favoritism toward Joseph and – sibling rivalry broke out over a coat of many colors.
What brought about the murderous feelings of Cain? Jealousy! The Lord looked on Abel with favor and did not have favor towards Cain. Cain was even warned by the Lord Almighty to do what is right and he would earn the Lord’s favor but rather than doing the work to have what Abel had, Cain decided he’d destroy Abel.
Jealousy can destroy you but a content and satisfied person is not a jealous person.
Jealousy will make us criticize, gossip and tear down another person but jealousy has nothing to do with the other person- it’s demonic. It is not from God. It is sin and it’s a lack of trust in God’s will for your life. But we can’t chase after things – we must chase God!
We can’t always help the first time we feel the feelings of jealousy – but we can help the second time we feel this way. As the Lord said to Cain: “If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.” God is letting us know, that we can master our sin!
Once we detect this sin, we must attack it with confession, prayer, scripture and accountability. We must rule over it!
Jealousy is truly hatred – It is an issue of the heart.
Have you ever dealt with jealousy?…How did you deal with the issues of the heart?

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2 thoughts on “Genesis 4-Issues of The Heart

  1. Colette D Jones says:

    I discovered years ago that when dealing personally with jealousy, it requires honesty and painful self-examination. Why are you jealous? What are your insecurities? I had to dig deeply with God’s help in order to get that ugliness uprooted and removed. Whenever I became aware of jealousy from someone else, I will admit that wasn’t easy to accept. I often blamed myself. I wondered if I was too confident… too much of anything.. I even went as far as to “dilute” myself or fade into the background in order to make that person or group feel comfortable…. Yet God always managed to place me in the front so that I can fulfill my purpose in the Kingdom… He made me remember my worth… He reminded me that because I am royal and peculiar, I would never fit in… Children of the King are not checker players.. we are chess players.. the enemy will utilize anything and anyone to deter us from accomplishing or receiving all that God has for us… God’s children can’t help but shine… that is a part of our heavenly DNA…

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