Genesis 5- Begat, Begot, Be Who?

Genealogy of Genesis 5

Genesis 5
Begat? Begot? Be who?
I will be honest enough to say that I normally skim through Genesis 5. However this time I decided to read it and truly study it. Genesis 5 is a chronological timeline from Adam to Noah.
It shows history, a lineage , something that is tangible for us to wrap our minds around to see that yes “ This really happened!” God also dropped this on me while I was studying …”What is in a name?” Wow EVERYTHING!!!! What rides on your name?? EVERYTHING! We take great pride in picking names for our children. Because we want it to say something, mean something.
Your lineage, your history plays an important part in who you are!! It can also play a huge part in your future
Look at your own life, your parents, your grandparents, great grands etc…. Think back over your family. Those generational blessings and unfortunately cursings can pass through generation to generation.

As you study Genesis 5 this time, take a closer look at the meanings of the names. Each name had significance, it meant something and they lived up to the meaning of the name given them. Unfortunately some were doomed with the names given to them as well
Are you living up to the meaning of the name given to you.?
What about the lineage , the heritage of your family?
What about the name of Christ….do you truly represent HIM well?
Some of us may have come from a broken past. ..but that does not determine our future!
Start today, making a name for yourself and your children. Start with instilling the word of God in your family so that HIS name can be passed from generation to generation!
Most importantly, our lineage of being the children of God makes us heirs to the Kingdom.!

Who you representing?


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