Genesis 7- The Cleansing Begins


The Cleansing starts…

Genesis 7:5 ” says “And Noah did according unto all that the LORD commanded him.”
Noah obeyed every specific detail that God gave him! Not only did Noah believe God would send the flood, he actively prepared for it.
Did you notice that Noah and his family lived inside the Ark seven days before the rain even started.? Another test of faith! To wait one more week after more than 100 years of preparation!
Can you imagine the ridicule and naysayers who stopped by to ask Noah if he was truly crazy? Even his family inside the Ark with him, probably begin to feel some kind of way…
Then God sealed the Ark!!
Here is something to think about, one day the door will shut on salvation, just as it did on the Ark. The Ark was salvation for Noah and his family, but condemnation on the world. Once it shut there were no second chances for those who chose to ignore Gods word and the message that Noah had imparted. Lord knows they had plenty time to heed the message!
Staying steadfast and holding onto Gods word can be hard. Our faith can often dwindle when we must endure the “waiting season” especially after we have put in the work that God has commanded we do….and nothing seems to be changing…no rain seems to be coming
But we must continue to press towards the mark, because surely God is not man that he would lie. He’s definitely going to do what he says he will do!!!
Don’t give up , before the blessings start to rain down! Don’t grow weary…the flood gates are about to burst open!!

Hang in the there..the rain is coming!


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