Dig Deeper Genesis 10

Genesis 10
Dig Deeper
2 Tim 2:15 Study to show thyself approved unto God…..
The genealogy of the sons of Noah and the beginning of Kingdoms
This Genesis study has me and many others digging in the word. Comparing scriptures and versions. I have even pulled some Pastors into this study through the many questions I’ve asked. Did you know if you truly studied Genesis in detail …it would take you a year to finish?
So here’s some questions for you. I would love to hear your thoughts. Now don’t shoot from the hip, its going to require some research and some time of reflection…Most importantly some Godly insight. Understand these questions are for discussion. These questions have come up during my studies.
1. Why do you think Noah cursed his grandson Canaan instead of his son Hem? Hem was actually the one who saw Noah’s nakedness and went to tell his brothers.
2. Was the flood local or global?
3. When you look at the people who stepped off the ark, they were all family right? So was the “be fruitful and multiply’ with each other? Are we all products of incest?
Food for thought and a challenge to go deeper in Gods word, seeking insight from him! Which is often required when we listen to others preach, teach and prophesy!

Let me hear your thoughts!


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