Genesis 18

Genesis 18
God appears to Abraham. He receives three visitors and gracious Abraham recognizes and serves God
We all know the rest….the promise that Sarah would bear a child… the laugh on her part. Then she is called out on her unbelief
As these three man travel on to Sodom..Abraham petitions God about the number of righteous to be found and will he spare the city. Abram pleads on behalf of 10 people… Just ten…if only ten would be found…
As we continue to see the faithfulness and righteousness of people in Genesis. Their desire and love to intercede on the behalf of others
Here is my question to you. What is the thing that God promised you would come to pass? What did God manifest in your life that initially had you filled with doubt?
What have you overcome through faithfulness to God?
Share your testimony today Rev 12:11! Please know that someone needs to hear your story!

I would love to hear your story!


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