Genesis 20-

Genesis 20
Here we go again!..
Abraham once again tries to pass Sarah off as his sister. The same sin he fell in in Genesis 12…You see how easy it is to slip back into old sinful habits??
But take note Sarah must have been one beautiful woman… Even in her older years..she was still desired by other men ..and still passing easily as Abrams sister! 🙂
….and she never said a word.
Whatever Abrams excuse…perhaps he thought he was sparing his family, feeling like all cities were just as wicked as Sodom and Gomorah._
So God has to intervene again
King Abimelech is warned in a fact God said He would strike him dead!! If he touched Sarah. Some situations are just that urgent and this one was. You see Sarah’s womb was going to bring forth the son of the promise!
Once again God has to rebuke Abraham
Abraham says the fear of God is not in this place….when actually the fear of God was not in Abraham! He even tries to blame God “When God called me to wander from fathers house”..and lastly he uses the old half truth of “Well indeed Sarah is my sister” Really?? Abraham knew he really had messed up..
If He really respected the Lord…his commandments, his promises and his protection He would not have placed his family in his own hands and trusted his own actions to keep his family together!

You noticed that Abraham had no problem accepting gifts from Abimelech when previously in Genesis 14, he refused gifts from a pagan king because he wanted no one to think a man had made him rich.
Sin compromises us. After a while it gets harder and harder for us to stand on our moral character.
So here is my question to you…
How many more excuses do you have for not trusting God with your situation!

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