Genesis 23-24

Genesis 23-24
Sarah has died and we see that Abraham has made it his quest to find a Godly wife for Issac
He placed this responsibility upon his servant , knowing that God would surely provide the right wife.. Two things were important… First Abraham wanted to make sure Issac did not marry a Cannanite and second he did not want Issac going back to the land he came from.
This servant Abraham entrusted had no name but no doubt he know about the God Abraham served. He trusted him as well!
Are the people around you in tune and aware of the God you serve. Enough that you can trust them with your well being? Praying for you?
Then enters Rebekah who excludes the perfect qualities
Her family also knew and trusted Gods will for her life. Allowing her to return and be married to Issac…a man they had never met
This is the perfect love story…trusting and obeying Gods will for your life even when the outcome may not be fully clear! Abrahams servant was praying and totally in tune with God. Letting Him ordain his every step. Are you praying for a Godly mate and yet neglecting to pray that God make you a Godly woman or man?
Abide in God and blessings will follow!


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