Genesis 31

Genesis 31
Even though Jacob had worked 20 years for his two wives, his children and his flock, Laban still says that they are his. Then Laban remembers his dream, so he decides to make a covenant with Jacob.
They set up a pillar of stones as a monument or a reminder every time they came to this place of the vow that was made. Not only was this a reminder to Jacob and Laban, but to their children and their children’s children. Jacob and Laban could tell their children of the covenant of peace made between them and tell of the pillar of stones that represented this covenant.
Today, we have a promise God made at the beginning of time that a Savior would come and die for us so that we could be in heaven with the Lord forever!
Our reminder is the cross that Jesus died on for our sins, and another reminder is the empty tomb proving that Jesus was God …come in the flesh and rose from the dead.
Another pillar we have today from God is the promise to never flood the earth with water again, and we are reminded of this every time we see a rainbow.
But even though God has given us these reminders, the world has perverted them.
We as Christians wear crosses because it’s a reminder that Jesus died for us.
But the world has taken this and perverted it also. You see rock and pop stars wearing crosses in their ears, around their neck, pierced on body parts and even tattooed in unspeakable places on their body. Some people do this because of their religious up bringing. They never had a personal relationship with Jesus. They have no idea what the cross represents. They just know they were taught to wear a cross because it’s a good thing to do, and it shows that you are a religious person.
The only problem with religion is that it’s man made and not of God!
Both Laban and Jacob had a name for the place they set up the pillar of stones. Laban called it Jegar Sahadutha, but Jacob called it Galeed. The interesting thing is they both mean the same thing, which is: “witness heap” . But Laban’s name for the place is Aramaic, whereas Jacob’s is Hebrew.
Even though Jacob had been gone from his home for over 20 years, he still spoke the language of his father, and still served the God of his father Isaac!
Just because we work at jobs of the world and the world is all around us. ..doesnt mean you should take on the form or appearance of the world to fit in.
We are to be separated from the things of the world, which means we are not to allow these things to influence us or control us.
Jacob was around greedy Laban and his son’s for 20 years, but he didn’t allow Laban’s lifestyle to interfere with his relationship with God or the things his father taught him.
This life journey can be hard, especially when we are tempted to become of this world. But if nothing else we should be that light on the hill. The difference , so that individuals are drawn to us. So they are able to say “There is something different about her”

Be the difference that radiates the relationship between you and God , not the religion that the world assumes it to be!


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