Genesis 37-38

Genesis 37-38
Jealousy strikes again!
Jacob was living in the land of Canaan. Presumably all us well, but jealousy is brewing among his sons. Joseph although only 17 or so, seems to be the favored child. The one in charge, the silent leader so to speak among his brethren.
Jacob makes Joseph a multicolor tunic and hence the jealousy of his brothers is flamed. Joseph has a dream …and the flames of jealousy rise higher
“Oh you gone rule over us? His brothers inquire. Even after his second dream, Jacob inquires, but keeps the thought in his mind.
Afterwards comes the plot to kill Joseph by his brothers. And we know the rest, if not read the story….the move of God is all over the life of Joseph
From the pit to the palace! You see everything that happens in our lives, God has his hand all over it!!
No demon, scheme, plot or plan can stop what God has in store for your life!
Even during Josephs time in prison, he was still favored! Even in our dark times..

WE ARE STILL favored!! If you look back over the trials and tribulations you have endured…you can see God still working in your life. His behind the scene game is always on point!
Remember the story of Joseph during your waiting season. Dont allow the enemy to make you feel like your pit is permanent! Remain diligent and steadfast

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